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Thread: Moving to New Hampshire soon

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    Moving to New Hampshire soon

    Maybe someone can show me to the right direction. I have not complete my Hot Rod and i am looking for the rules for inspecting our kit cars.
    I spoke to someone who does the inspection but was not 100% clear. This is what i understand please correct me if I am wrong.
    the car will be inspected of the year of the cars looks. My case 33 Ford. also the year of the engine will determine if the car needs to pass emissions if the engine is 1996 and newer. so it will need a OBD2 connection. if not the car will just need to past a safety check.

    I have a new LS3 E-rod engine with a magnum T-56 6 Speed and 9" rear, all new. so this will affect the taxes i will need to pay year on the kit car. also they inspector told me to bring every receipt I have for anything I purchase for the kit car. He says no matter if it was a bolt from home depot. His words not mine. To me, that is a bit petty. Now i thought of getting a simple 1992 Camaro with a TPI engine and get it in there just for the inspection and then later put the LS3 engine because i think its a bit of a hassle if the engine is not running 100% then it will take forever to get the bugs out of it. Any good advice?

    Thank You
    soon to be a New Englander

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    Welcome to NH.
    If the car does not have a title and VIN yet the state gives you one. That is when you need receipts. Bring all that you have but I wouldn't worry if you don't have them for small stuff. They are checking for stolen parts so they will check serial numbers on major parts. Block, trans, rear end, things like that.
    Once you have the title and VIN you go to your town clerk and register the car. Registration cost is based on the value of the car. Here they would like to know everything you spent but how much you tell them is up to you. This will get you your license plate/ registration.
    The last step is to get the car inspected and emissions tested (done at the same place). The info you received is largely correct. Some inspection stations don't know what to do with cars like this so its best to bring the car to the right place.
    I live in the Nashua area and can put you in touch with the guy I use if you will be around here.

    If you've moved by late May stop by our open house in the 21st.

    Again, Welcome.

    Harvey R
    Watsons StreetWorks

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    Cobra Guy is right on. however as far as inspection goes it has to meet the specs of the replica this case 1965. Just finished mine last summer. Had the state police at the house to issue VIN, he wanted receipts for major components and checked for OBD-II. DMV just wanted form from VIN. I have no wipers as they were an option back in 65 and i did not need emissions. it is more of a safety check so you cannot be blowing oil etc.
    from the state inspection requirements:

    Statutory Authority: RSA 21-P:14, V(a)

    PART Saf-C 3225 REPLICAS

    Saf-C 3225.01 Replicas of Antique Vehicles.

    (a) Replicas of antique vehicles shall not be considered antique motor vehicles for the purposes of inspection.

    (b) All replica antique vehicles shall comply with the laws, rules and the manufacturer's specifications of the passenger vehicle chassis on which they are based.

    Also, these are not antiques.....should be registered/titled as "1965 replica".

    Live Free or Die
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    Thanks guys, i feel a bit better now. DMV are always a "never know what going to happen" place. I hope to be up in NH about April to look at the house to make sure the inspection will be done. Owner is waiting for winter to past to sell.

    Thanks Again

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    Hi Jose,

    I just happened to be see this thread while searching for register a Cobra in NH. I live in nashua NH and just completed my build MK4. The DMV told me that I need to bring the car and it will be registered as replica but since I have new engine (Coyote) the car needs to go through emission inspection. I was under the impression that 1965 will be exempt form emission. Do you know of any places I can do the inspection so at least they know the car?
    Thanks for your help.


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    Hey Yigal....i was suppose to take you for a ride in mine but you never got back to me!!! glad to hear you have completed your build, though it will never really be done. I am still "finishing" mine after 3 years
    It was about the same money, $200, to pay a state police detail to come to the house then rent a truck and trailer to get it to them for VIN.
    I have not heard of any changes that require emissions testing.....however i do know that as many time as as you call the DMV is the number of different answers you will get. Talk to some inspection garages, i think it would be tough to pass emissions without a catalytic converter. good luck

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    I will send you a PM with the name of the shop I use for inspection. If it is your first time and your car has an OBD2 port you will likely need to pass emissions but they will confirm that.
    Be sure to drop by our open house. Ff cars of any stripe are always welcome. This year it is May 19th.

    Harvey Richardson
    Watson's StreetWorks

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