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Thread: Wareaglescott's Coyote build thread - INDEX ADDED TO POST #1

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    Wareaglescott's Coyote build thread - INDEX ADDED TO POST #1

    I am going to do this build thread from a beginners perspective. I have absolutely zero experience doing anything like this. There are a lot of excellent build threads by very competent builders. Hopefully one from a beginner will be somewhat beneficial to people unsure if they can do it or not.

    I am Expecting delivery of my MK4 kit next week. Very excited to get started.
    My plan is for a reliable street cruiser. Don't really have any plans to track the car although you never know. I wasn't really planning to order quite yet but wanted to take advantage of the 50% sale on options. I have zero experience with a project of this magnitude. I have always been a car guy but have never built anything. Looking forward to the challenges this project will present. My job as an airline pilot provides me with a nice amount of spare time to devote to this project. I have spent a couple months researching and have learned a ton of information from this forum.

    I am going for somewhat of a non traditional look. I love blue cars, in fact my last 5 have been blue including two I currently own but I wanted to go with something a little different. I am 6'3 and found the high back Kirkey seats fit me the best. Having those led me to think with the seat backs extending above the body I would also like the dual roll bars. I found an artist that does car drawings for a living. I sent him all my ideas and my color thoughts and he drew me up a concept so I could verify I liked the looks of it. Hopefully I can figure out how to insert the picture below. (BTW this guy is amazing with his drawings. I will happily pass on his contact info. Unsure of forum rules about posting it but message me if you want a drawing of your car.)

    My build plan is as follows:
    MK4 complete kit

    Options I ordered:
    Powder coated chassis
    body cut outs
    high back kirkey seats
    Coyote power steering kit
    17" Halibrand replica wheels
    Stainless steel front and rear bumpers
    Stainless steel side exhaust
    wind wings
    sun visors
    Front and rear sway bars
    Dual chrome roll bars
    leather steering wheel
    IRS center section with 3.55
    Front and Rear Wilwood brake option

    My work space consists of a 1 car garage that is 2 cars deep in my basement. Should have adequate space and didn't get in trouble telling the wife I needed her garage space so that was a plus! I have been busy getting most of the tools and supplies I needed. Also built a frame dolley and body buck. I have an additional storage spot for the body buck so I did not do an elevated one to fit over the chassis. Not much else to do at this point but wait for delivery. Interestingly I have already received the front and rear brake kits. Thought that was interesting since I have seen numerous build threads where people were waiting on those for a while.

    There is no way I could do this without all the information I have learned from the forum. I encourage all comments and suggestions to my thread and appreciate everyones input. Thanks

    INSTGRAM - @scottscobra

    EDIT 3/4/2017
    Here is an index I am adding. Will continue to add to it as I go. Hopefully this will help people looking for a particular subject matter:

    13 - inventory
    18 - removing panels
    44 - drivers side front footbox fill panel
    48 - front LCA
    51 - powder coat items
    59 - front suspension
    61 - front brakes
    64 - irs prep
    66 - rear wheel studs
    71 - irs install
    74 - irs control arms
    77 - finish irs/ rear brakes
    85 - heat shield
    87 - pedal box install/ notch clutch pedal
    106 - firewall support piece
    110 - triple reservoir/ irs vent
    113 - battery tray/ radiator mount
    117 - footbox aluminum
    119 - footbox heat/sound insulation
    120 - fan shroud/ battery tray/ Ebrake cables
    123 - fuel pump/ tank install
    124 - Coyote engine lift plates
    125 - homemade fuel vent filter
    126 - oil pan change
    127 - Alternator and power steering pump install
    128 - clutch and transmission install
    134 - wheels
    143 - fuel regulator
    148 - rolling chassis
    150 - coyote clutch safety switches (hydrualic clutch)
    151 - accel pedal/ fuse box
    152 - brake lines
    156 - cockpit aluminum
    157 - transmission spacers/ engine install
    160 - driveshaft/ driveshaft safety loop
    166 - ebrake cable mod/ reinstall proper driveshaft
    170 - transmission fluid
    175 - coyote pcm
    184 - brake bleeding
    187 - rear harness/ trunk and cockpit aluminum/ clutch bleeding
    193 - breeze quick disconnect steering wheel mod
    200 - power steering (first lines, replaced later)
    204 - coyote harness install
    207 - heat shield and power wiring
    208 - engine ground
    210 - tach wiring/ coyote harness
    213 - power steering revised lines
    214 - coolant system
    217 - removable dash
    221 - horns
    222 - engine complete/ dash prep
    223 - ride height
    224 - FIRST START!!
    234 - fire extinguisher/ roll bar
    240 - seat harness install
    243 - alignment and first go cart
    250 - weatherpacks for head lights/tail lights
    258 - coyote pcm update code P0116
    259 - seat heaters
    262 - kirkey seat mounts/ lumbar supports and seat heaters
    263 - drivers footbox
    264 - cockpit heat and sound shield
    265 - coyote vacuum system mod/ removable transmission tunnel
    270 - brake line rub
    272 - transmission tunnel covering
    276 - 278 kirkey seat mounting/ carpet
    282 - interior
    289 - trunk carpet/ phone charger
    291 - pedal box and exhaust pipe temps
    297 - interior work
    298 - drivers footbox panels
    301 - wheel centers
    302 - wheel and splash guards
    311 - engine dress up
    316 - paint samples
    322 - door strap dye - dye to black
    327 - trunk kit
    350 - fuel pump failure
    356 - license plate mod
    359 - rear bumper couplers
    376 - replacing coyote wiring harness
    394 - knock offs painted / air intake shroud
    401- nomex radiator protector
    404 - final color selection
    409 - painted engine cover
    417 - deconstruct and ship to Whitby for body install
    475 - wind wings with Breeze side mirrors and sun visors
    423-522 Car is at Whitby. Lots of pictures of the paint process
    531 - Whitby Motorcars review
    540 - final assembly under door aluminum, seat install, taillights
    541 - final assembly - interior door panels
    551 - final assembly - license plate light, rear bumper, front splash guards, side pipes and heat shields
    554 - final assembly - front bumper, radiator aluminum, brake duct mesh, visors, mirrors and wind wings, manual windshield wiper
    573 - graduation pics
    574 - hindsight post - lessons learned and tips with reference to post numbers
    587 - finishing the back side of the Kirkey high back seats
    583 & 596 - under door interior aluminum trim finish pieces
    609 - 500 mile update
    620 - tire stickers
    634 - coyote custom pcm tune
    646 - new side pipes with flow master slimline mufflers install
    647 - resulting sound testing video with the new vs old pipes
    654 - additional side pipe support installation
    663 - corner balancing
    670 - IRS driveshaft bolt Tech update from FFR
    675 - coyote fuel mileage (2500 miles in)
    712 - ceramic coating
    720 - stripe width diagram
    723 - ceramic coating review

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