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Thread: Connecticut registration and emmision testing.

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    Connecticut registration and emmision testing.

    Has anybody gone through the Connecticut registration process with their replica? It clearly states that a composite car must go through an emissions test after inspection and before registration. I have also "Heard" that a "Replica" of an earlier car like a 1965 Cobra could be registered as a 1965 Cobra and not have to go through emission testing even though the car may have a modern engine. I have also heard no matter what your car replicates, the car has to be tested based on the engine.

    I am in fear of the Ct DMV and couldn't possibly go there and ask those moronic robots as I am too easily riled.

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    Start here: Pull up your States file and read it well. Lots of good info.

    This info states that composite cars are exempt from emissions, second bullet point.

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    Thanks Ray, but read the paragraph at the bottom of that page.

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    It can be registered as the make and year of the replicated car. Emissions testing is not required, but you will need to have emissions controls applicable to the year of the engine.

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    I understand now. Thanks Guys. Looks like I'll have my work cut out for me as I stripped all that stuff off for off road use.

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    I was wondering how the CT dmv would handle a blue print engine transmission combo, how they might determine the model year of engine, if antone knows?????

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    They may consider it a new engine and apply current emission equipment requirements. They are all about paperwork. The best way is to get an engine with paperwork showing V.I.N. of the car it came from and sales receipt. Then they can verify the serial # of the engine and check for stolen parts. Same with the trans and rear axle except they will accept a receipt for new parts. I went there ahead of time and spoke to an inspector with paperwork in hand. He was very helpful. The Wethersfield office is the only place to go for this and I would only trust the advise of an inspector.

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    Thanks I figured that was the case unfortunately this will prevent the use of a crate motor.

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