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Thread: Finaly get to build a FFR

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    Looks nice what size did you get?
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    315/30 r18 rears and 255/35 r18 up front. This is the size factory five recommends, since I didn't want to deal with tire rub I used their suggested sizes.

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    Finally the weatherman was wrong in my favor. On Saturday it was sunny and nice out in the morning so I ran the car around the block a couple times. I found that I love the motor that Craft Racing built. It sounds grea,t runs very civilized if just cruising and it's fully warmed (surges a bit when cold), and it will liquefy the tires on command in at least the first 3 gears. �� IMG_2289.JPG

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    Those tires look wicked!
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    Thanks, they are the Toyo R888 replacements. Same rubber compound but revised cording and sidewalls for better response and stability. I haven't had a chance obviously to run them at the track yet so I can't give you my thoughts on how they do when warmed up.

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    Those are some MEATY tires! If you don't mind the tip, it looks like you need some help with pics and such.

    Here are some links with tips...

    ...about managing a build thread title:

    Embedding pics using our gallery:

    More about offsite pics:

    PS I gotta hand it to you BIG HP guys. I'm very happy with my little 302. At least I can put my foot into it without too many surprises...

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    Cool, thanks for the help with the pics. I would post more often, but every time the pics don't want to work.

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    Updates... at this point I'm knee deep in body work and one thing I can say is that the build quality of the chassis and suspension is fantastic, the body how ever the body is defiantly one area where Factory 5 could put some work into. I have had to go about panel alignment and trimming and filling. Trimming it self was not all that bad if you take your time. Panel alignment is another issue. As everyone before expressed the drivers door fitment is rough and the passenger side is a bit better but by no means like a factory production car. The trunk does not roll with the body and required 2 days to get it right. The front and rear cowls were easy to get straight and no major headaches there. The rear quarters and tail of the car is another issue. I have 3 weeks into getting them straight and I probably have another full day to get them done. Now I did add some work as I wanted to eliminate the style line at the rear lights and clean up the fitment so that the lights don't look to big for the mounting surface. I also smoothed out the rear fender lip as it had a rather abrupt transition right at the top of the arch that would be obvious if not taken care of. As of today I have about 150 hrs into it with another 150 or so to go before we get to prime and block it. I'm after as close to perfect as I can get and with what needs to be done to get this body there will take a while. One motivating factor is I paid for the paint and primer the other day. Then again the $2,700 bill for the Sikkens stuff was a bit of a hit on the wallet.
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    I just found out that Reincarnation magazine did a article on my motor build (page 12). https://www.rcnmag.com/ezines/2017/03

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    Not sure if there are body guys around the forums. If so I have to ask if any one found as many issue as I am with the body. Very little on the body so far has not required attention to the point where I would call it straight enough to epoxy and primer. The nose of the car doesn't roll the same from one side to the other. I had ripples under the leading edges of the doors. The front fender valley near the hood opening is very bad on the drivers side (goes up and down like a amusement park water slide), the trunk didn't roll to fit the body, and I still haven't touched the hood yet, which looks to be the worst part. I now have 300 hrs into the body and have at least another 150 to go just to get it in the first coat of epoxy. Ive done my share of cars and I have to say this thing is any thing but straight. Perhaps i'm to picky but If I am going to do a car I want it more then flat I want it straight.image2.JPGimage4.JPGimage5.JPGimage6.JPG P.S. if there are any body guys in Grand Rapids Mi that are looking for some thing to do for fun give me a shout. lol
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    Great body work, but scaring me a little. I will probably use Whitbys. Will they address all these issues if they are on my body?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Railroad View Post
    Great body work, but scaring me a little. I will probably use Whitbys. Will they address all these issues if they are on my body?
    These bodies aren't perfect. They are fiberglass which has it's own challenges to get straight. Plus I agree they aren't perfectly symmetrical from side-to-side. Especially the nose around the brake cooling inlets and also the famous DS door. But with all due respect (and I do really mean that) 300 hours and still another 150 for body work alone isn't typical. Shops that have experience with these, including Whitbys, have seen it all and know what to do. Small consolation I guess, but the Mk4 is a way better than previous versions. Especially some of the real early Mk's. I saw a big jump in quality between the Mk3 I did and the two Mk4's.
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    That's a lot of sanding! Built mine back in 04 and looks very similar to what I went through Looks like you have your work cut out for you...You're getting closer though

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    Ya I'm making progress. It's slow but all body work is like that. I realize the hours sound high but that is a matter of how close to perfect you want to get. When growing up I learned from my father and his friends who owned body shops. And who is a pure perfectionist to this day. He has always told me don't worry about the hours just get it right. I trust him when it comes to this stuff as he has built some truly beautiful cars that are laser straight. In fact he has done a few cars for restoration shop owners. The last one being a 1970 fj. To me my time is free and materials are cheep and if I can get a car to this level why not. For me some parts that have added some decent time that a shop may not spend a lot of time on are the jams. We mudded from the body to the panel cut the mudded jam then mudded the jams to make everything straight then reradioused the edges of the body jams as they where to large in comparison to the radius on the panel edges. Most people wouldn't notice this but to me if I only do it once then I'll do it to where I like it. I have a ton of pics of these types of areas that I will do a write up on after we put the car in the spray booth.for now I'll keep sanding in the garage making a complete dusty mess of everything��.

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    image1(3).JPG Finaly got the body and doors in epoxy, now just the hood and the bottom side of the rockers to go.

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    It's been a while with out posting. But as of recently I just about have the car assembled and ready for disassembly before the primer blocking and color. Every thing is fit up good with the exception of the headers which will require some cutting, replacing some tubes and TIG welding. image1.jpegimage2.jpegimage3.jpegimage4.jpegimage5.jpegimage6.jpegimage7.jpeg

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    Looks like all those hours in prep work paid off!! I sent you a PM on your fuel tank

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    Ya I would like to think so. We did a lot of stuff most painters simply can’t do in a reasonable amount of time, and it would take a lot of pictures to show it all. Perhaps I’ll go over it later after the car is completed. I’m just fortunate to have my dad a old body guy to help me out. I actually had to laugh the other day as we talked to a one-off his friends at their body shop about shooting the color and primer. He was ecstatic to see the car as he said “knowing your dad it will be perfect”. I’m hoping to get it to the booth next week for the first of 3 priming sessions.

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