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Thread: Mike Forte 306 Engine Package

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    Mike Forte 306 Engine Package

    I'm considering this engine and gearbox combination for my 289 FIA roadster. http://www.fortefactoryfive.com/forte-306-package

    Two questions:

    1. Does anyone know if the price, $9600 is inclusive of the clutch parts and the T-5?
    2. Anyone have any experience with this combination in your car?

    While I have not worked with Mike previously, I do know from this forum that he has a great reputation. I'm looking forward to it.

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    The ad states it includes those parts. Mike is a great guy to deal with. His prices are hard to beat and his quality of work is top notch, IMO. We recently did a 427 inclusive package and it has worked out great.

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    Agree, Mike is great to deal with. Give him a call and he'll answer any questions you have about that combo.

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