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Thread: Power Steering Rack

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    Power Steering Rack

    Has anyone installed a power steering rack in your 289 FIA? If so, which power steering rack? What are, or are there any, issues with installing power steering in our cars?


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    I am 99% sure the rack FFR lists as an option works for the car. I used it in my last 2 MK4 builds.

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    I installed the FFR rack in my Mk4. Only issue I had was I needed 3 steering limiters per side from Breeze. They're not expensive just a little extra work. Ordered 1 at a time till the tires didn't rub the upper control arms. Like I said mine took 3 each side. Also the hoses they sent for the rack would not fit with the x-member so close. Again I ordered parts from Breeze to make them but you will have to use a short length of rubber hose off of the return hose nipple on the pump and then adapt to the Breeze hose and hardware. There is no way the Breeze hose will push on the return nipple as the hose is too small in diameter. Pressure hose and hardware from Breeze works great. Also I used straight fittings on the rack instead of 90 degrees. Don't know if that would be different in your car but it fit way better in my MK4 with the X member so close. Hope this helps.

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