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Thread: Original Style Brake Pedals

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    Original Style Brake Pedals

    I decided that my Wilwood floor mounted brake pedals just didn't have that period correct look so I decided to fabricate my own pedal arms in place of the Wilwood cast aluminum ones

    I disassembled the units and laid out the dimensions on some 4130 .375 bar stock using the Wilwood pieces as templates.

    Here is the Wilwood cast aluminum clutch pedal

    Here is my clutch pedal roughed out

    And here it is all cleaned up, pivot bushing machined and honed to .505, and ready to weld up

    Next up the dual master cylinder brake pedal. This one is much more complex. Here is the Wilwood cast aluminum piece

    Again, I started with 4130 .375 bar stock and cut the pedal to,rough shape. I then cut the balance bar tube from 1.250 4130 tubing, drilled the center with a 1.000 bit on my lathe and honed it to fit the balance bar. The "ears" were cut from 4130 .125 steel bar and fitted. All that's left is to weld it up

    AC pedal pads will be mounted after the parts are powdercoated black
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