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Thread: Chassis Dimensions

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    Chassis Dimensions

    Can anyone tell me, are the chassis dimensions of the FFR 289 FIA exactly the same as they are for the MK4 roadster? Is it the same chassis? If there are differences, what are they? If they are the same, should I assume that parts for the MK4 chassis will also work on the 289 FIA?


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    The chassis is the same in regards to wheelbase and suspension. There might be some small differences due to body differences. Not all Aluminum panels will be interchangeable
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    The 289 is considered a "body-kit". Same underpinnings as the MkIV, some differences with the Al panels for the wheel wells. Fuel filler is located inboard through a series of hoses, different tail lights, forward braced roll bar and a couple other 289 specific mods that are called out in the 289 supplement to the instructions.
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