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Thread: VCP Garage Sale

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    VCP Garage Sale

    So been cleaning the shop and have a collection of parts that need to go to a new home. I have a bunch of cold air kits.

    2 Cobb's, a K&N, a modified stock, a SPT and ASP. $50 each plus shipping

    One freshly surfaced stock flywheel with a clutch with 85% life left. A lighter billet steel flywheel, a used ACT push clutch with lighter billet flywheel, an unknown clutch with billet flywheel, and a brand new ACT ProLite flywheel with new ACT clutch and throw out bearing. Make offer on any.

    LM2 complete Retail $470, brand new $300 plus shipping
    Wayne Presley
    Xterminator 705 RWHP supercharged 4.6 DOHC with twin turbos

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    Wayne - PM Sent

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    Wayne - payment sent - my PM is kicking my butt today

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