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Thread: Possible classy Bluetooth Speaker option for the Roadster?

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    Possible classy Bluetooth Speaker option for the Roadster?

    Been looking for something that had enough power to be heard over the cobra sounds which looks somewhat period correct. Heres what I found.

    And as luck would have it, it fits right under the dash!

    Not sure how it sounds at speed but I know it will be tough to hear. Maybe at the stop lights and low speeds. The good news is I can pull it out at car shows and listen to it. Great sound.
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    I ran across the same unit a while back and thought it would be perfect but never got around to justifying the cost without hearing one.

    The unit looks great in your roadster. I would love to get some feedback on the sound.

    Is that the Kilburn Black?
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    Yes, and I got it as a refurb on Amazon for $199.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ehansen007 View Post
    Yes, and I got it as a refurb on Amazon for $199.
    Thanks for the tip. I found it, Perfect.

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    Is this a rechargeable battery or do you have power going to it?
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    Great Find Erik.. How does it sound

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    It's rechargeable with on board power supply so it's just a chord that runs to it. So far it sounds great especially in the house. I like that I can move it around too and use it for other things. I haven't driven with it yet but like I said, it's more something for a little radio and good looks. I also like that it has separate treble and bass nobs like a real speaker should have. I hate these ones that just have volume control. Very classy controls and easy to use. It paired up in 5 seconds.

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    The traveling Builder

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    It's a Marshall.....crank that baby up to 11 !!

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    I like that speaker a whole lot. It looks like it belongs there! Great find.

    Thanks for sharing!



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