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Thread: Turn signals won't flash

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    Turn signals won't flash

    I'm building my Mk4 with the provided wire harness from factory five. All the electrical works fine, except the turn signals and hazards. I tested the electrical connections by temporarily attaching a light to the individual lighting wires with alligator clips. The connection is properly grounded. When I hit the turn indicator switch, the correct wire is electrified, however the test light is dimmer than normal and will not flash. Same result when I attach the test light to the hazard wire and hit the switch. This is my first time building a car, and lack the knowledge to understand what the issue could be. What am I missing here?

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    Put bulbs into all the sockets - the flashers typically need a full load to work. You can also put a voltmeter across the wires and an ammeter inline - check you have the correct voltage and amps going through.
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    I will give that a shot. Thanks

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