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Thread: Gen 3 "Mystique" Coupe Build

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    Gen 3 "Mystique" Coupe Build

    So it officially begins, last Sunday March 5 was D-Day, we had some friends over to help and we had it unloaded pretty quickly. Monday was inventory day which went pretty well, the delay in manufacturing help shrink the back order list but we have some pieces that are delayed. The engine and transmission will hopefully ship shorty from Ford, 5.0 Coyote with T-56, Control Pack and assorted pieces. The rear end assembly I pickup off of eBay from a 2015 "track pack" Mustang GT with 3.73 gears, a Torsen diff, and brakes under under $1200 delivered. Color is going to be bright blue same or similar to what was on my 2012 Ford Focus - Blue Candy Metallic with black stripes. I have been waiting for this arrive to plan out what we need and what we want to upgrade. Mystique will join the Roadster aka Pod Racer, 2016 Mustang GT aka Vader and 2012 Scion IQ aka Roller Skate. The stuff just got real!!

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    Congrats Paul. A note on the track pack- be careful to research which wheels will fit. I know on my wife's Mustang there is no way to go less than the original 19s on the front because of the huge Brembos. I haven't looked at the rear specifically so not sure there. I am using my 17 in Bullitts on my retrofit 15 IRS but it was from a V8 auto trans car w/o track pack or Performance Package.
    FFR MkII, 408W, Tremec TKO 500, 2015 IRS, DA QA1s, Forte front bar, APE hardtop.

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    Nice Way To Fill That Open Slot In Your Garage!


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    Looks like you have a great crew! Looks like a "Ford Performance Garage"! I will be following your Gen 3 build.

    I sure miss my coupe!

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    Congrats on the new addition to the family!

    Making progress on the "My Coupe, my way" project.
    Coupe #386,17" Team III 245 FR 315 RR, 3-link, T5, 4 wheel disk, power brakes/steering. Fast EZ EFI
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    Congrats and welcome to coupedom
    The traveling Builder

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    FYI . ford called me today they are shipping 4 coyote power modules(w/ T56) tomorrow AM. If you were number 4 or less you are in luck! Otherwise, there is a problem with the QT bellhousings. Luckily I was number 3
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    I got lucky, got an email this morning stating my order has shipped, followed the tracking email estimated delivery date 3-15-2017. heading out to the junk yard later today for some bits and pieces.

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    I spent more time on the computer this weekend than the garage, but we got some of it done. Engine, trans and control will be here tomorrow or the next day, I got most of the fuel parts order some are here. Going with a 3/8 line both ways, Some of the brake parts are here, and FFR has 3 boxes on the way due here Friday.

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    Looking great, love the color

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    Yesterday day started off nicely with the delivery of Ford Racing M-9000-PMCM, 5.0 Coyote, T-56 trans, clutch and control pack at 8:30am, later in the day FedEx showed up with more FFR parts. Today I got busy taking a part the Mustang IRS I picked up, tomorrow I hope to finish cleaning up parts, paint the rearend and maybe the rear brakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul G View Post
    Yesterday day started off nicely with the delivery of Ford Racing M-9000-PMCM, 5.0 Coyote, T-56 trans, clutch and control pack
    This should be an option when ordering a Gen 3 kit…!

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    Well since the last update, we have torn apart the rear suspension from the Mustang, clean up the diff and painted it. There was some minor damage to one of the uprights and one of the bearing was a little iffy at best, so I error on the side of caution, 2 new bearing and hubs are coming and one upright. A little delay however I'm waiting on other pieces any way, rather do it right than redo it once it is in. We got the diff installed, not a real easy task since it is about 93 lbs and it is not a straight up shot. All the the IRS arms are installed and torqued and the gas tank is installed. Coming up this week, clean and paint the rear brakes, plumbing for the fuel line, maybe install the pedal box and start the brake lines. If the hubs\bearings come in then we can finish up the rear end.

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    Looks awesome- keep the pics coming!

    Check out our build blog -
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    Not much to report this week, I ordered some parts and waiting for others, but the weather here has been perfect that last couple days quality time driving the Roadster this weekend, I should have much of the IRS done this week, some parts land tomorrow. More pics next weekend.

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    This last week there was not a lot of activity going on directly, I purchased my wheels and tire a few weeks ago and ran onto a issue with the rear brakes. I had the 13in that came with the rear end assembly I purchase however they are a bit too big for the wheels. So I did a little research and look at my roadster rear brakes and figure I could do something and make something work. I got rear brakes from a 1998 Mustang Cobra, they are 11.65in rotor, while they came close to be a direct bolt in the pad was about 1/16 in too high plus I would need to run a wheel spacer under the rotor so I decided to design a bracket to get these to work. I should have the bracket on Wednesday and the rest of the front brakes by Friday and hope to have a roller by Sunday. We shall see.. We got the rest of the front end torque and the rest of the body off.
    pic of the test bracket in wood, steel bracket is being cut this week

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    Looking good man. This was always my favorite part of the build- putting in all the big components. Can't wait to hear how the body comes together.

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    Busy few days when I wasn't working, I got my brake mount brackets made, painted and installed. The car or cart is sitting on its wheels now, we moved it to our short bay so I could prep the Roadster for Huntington Beach and Route 66 Fun Run.
    I will be doing some work around getting battery box made and installed and hand brake finish maybe a few other things.

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    your build is looking really good, just ordered mine looks like it will be in my garage in the beginning of june. been doing a lot of research and getting parts ordered, I'm gunna be be running the same engine and trans and irs setup. stilling trying to figure everything out. trying to figure out what bellhousing, clutch and throwout bearing to use, which ones did you decide to use? cant wait to get started, hopefully get more good ideas for the huntington show.

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    I bought a package from Don Woods Ford - Ford Racing parts, it came with Coyote, control pack, T-56, Quicktime Bellhousing, Centerforce Clutch with throwout bearing, also starter, and alt and the upper hose for under 13K, all new parts. There is a bit of a wait, order the package Dec 15 and it arrived around March 15, it has been typically a 2-3 month wait. I've look thru my parts but I have started putting the engine stuff together yet, not enough spare room. Take a bunch of pics at Huntington beach as the completed Gen 3 manual is not available yet, mine shipped with a Gen 2 manual which does help quite a bit in the meantime. If are looking to run the stock 13" rear brakes you will need 18" wheels, hide sight being perfect I would have went with the 18" and save time and $$ using the brakes off the used assembly I purchased. My wife and I are headed to Huntington Beach for the show this weekend as well.

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    Thanks for the info, I already have engine and trans just sitting and waiting. I was most likely gunna go with the QuickTime bell housing just couldn't run the exact clutch I wanted. I will take as many pictures as I can, not the fist car I've built from the ground up but my first kit car. Yea I'm gunna be running 18in wheels, probably gunna stick with the stock rear brakes for now and upgrade them eventually. I haven't had any luck finding a complete 373 torsen rear end yet, only can find the 331 complete rear end. Can't wait to see your build come along and finally get to start mine.

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    I'm sure there will be more 3.73 available after the next cars and coffee. You will want to avoid the all aluminum rear end housing(rust is a good thing here, just paint it when you get it) as they are for the V-6 Mustangs and will break the housing with a V-8.

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    A question on the front end, what holes did you use for the lower "A" arms and the steering rack? I don't have the parts yet and maybe it will be obvious when I get them
    I am drilling holes and fitting aluminum while I wait for the Canadian completion parts from Whitby and the drive train from Levy
    David W

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    Lower holes on all, the lower holes are for the street, upper holes for the race chassis. That why they have one part number and it correct for both chassis's. Prevents welding on street bracket on a race chassis and vise versa, it is right all the time.

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    It has been a slow couple of weeks on the build, with Huntington Beach one week and Route 66 Fun Run the next we have not got much done. Front brakes are painted and installed. We have a road rally this summer so this week and part of next will be focus on the Mustang "Vader" getting it ready to go.

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    Nice progress!!! Can't wait to see you on the road!

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    We have been traveling a bit, celebrating Mary's B-day and then there is this... This year we are participating in Rally North America’s CJ Pony Parts Rally Appalachia 2. We are raising money to Hope for the Warriors - Hope For The Warriors provides comprehensive support programs for service members, veterans, and military families that are focused on transition, health and wellness, peer engagement, and connections to community resources. Mary has sold over $1000 in preserves aka Jam for Heroes. I previous years we have taken the Roadster, this year we opted for comfort, 2016 Mustang GT. We hope next year we will be able to take both the Coupe and the Roadster.

    If you would like to donate follow the link, 100% of the money goes to the charity, and by supporting Team Vader we get to move closer to the starting line. If you donate $20 or more you will get a Stormtrooper helmet on the car.

    More about Hope for the Warriors

    More about Rally North America

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    Update- Not huge after all it was 120 outside in the shade this week. Since the last update, parking brake is in, started work on the pedal box and brake lines, I may get more done this week it gets below 115. Opted to go with the hydraulic clutch as well.

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    This is a great build

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    Just a little update- The coupe has been on a bit of the back burner due to heat and to rally we were on for most of chunk of July. The heat has been a bit extra nasty this summer and now the humidity is up with the monsoon storm season in full swing, and bending brake lines in nasty heat doesn't go real well as turn a straight 5ft brake line into industrial art yesterday. The rally we went on was a great time, our team managed to raise over $2100 putting us at #15 in the starting grid of 72. The group as a whole raise over over $150,000 for Hope for the Warriors. We had a stop at Martinsville Raceway for quick tour and photo op and a little fun on part of the track, a couple hours of open track on the south track at VIR and 8 "parade" laps at Talladega Superspeedway, when I say parade laps that means 85-95 mph on the turns and about 100-110 mph in the straights. The weirdest part is at 85-95 mph on the banked turns I found myself correcting right to keep the line thru turns. Anyway still working on the brake lines as the heat will allow, also working mental planning ahead for the build. It is good to see some new bits and pieces that have been release from some of the vendors and the beta manual. Over the next few weeks I hope to have some progress with pics. I'm trying to have this ready for next years rally and with a little luck we will take both the roadster and coupe. Hope come out to Huntington Beach with both cars.

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    the heat has been bad this summer, although I'm in the inland empire so I don't have it as bad as you. your build is coming along nicely, I just finished all the brake and lines this weekend. had to go get more brakeline cause I wasn't happy with a couple bends and like you said not fun in the heat. cant wait for next years huntington show.

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    if you haven't picked up at least 1 inch spacers for the rear wheels... I would pick some up....ask me how I know!
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    Why 1in spacers? Flusher to the fender line?

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    East Coast Speed Machines Erik W. Treves's Avatar
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    backspace to clear the frame when the rear goes into full compression
    FFR 1879, Blown DSS 306,REDLINE management, VeryCoolParts Tuned 460RWHP

    FFR 818S, The Flash, Chassis #5, 2.0L, LSD, Electromotive TEC-S, VCP Tuned, 278RWHP 265 RWTQ

    FFR 6651, Green Lantern, 408W Crate, Hellion 66mm Turbo, JGS Waste gate / Blowoff valve, Tec-GT management, VCP Tuned, 575 RWHP, 690 RWTQ

    FFR 8335, Black Mamba, 289 FIA CSX 2001 tribute car, 347, 48 IDA webers, VCP Tuned, 311 RWHP 386 RWTQ, 3-link, Trigo's

    FFR 0004, Gen 3 , Hawk Coupe, Coyote twin turbo, 683 RWHP 559 RWTQ, IRS, VCP Tuned. "not too shabby"

    US ARMY Maintenance Test Pilot (CW4 Retired)

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    I'll have to take a look, I'm running 17x10.5 wheel, it looks good right now but I'll keep it in mind.

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    A little update... A mentioned before I turn a 5ft piece of brake into art due to trying too hard on a real hot day. Well I came back at start Thursday night after a nice monsoon storm and had much better success. All the large lines bent and in place I'll work on fully securing them this week as well as finishing the 2 remaining hard lines and the flex lines or at least I hope too. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out so far. Here are some pictures of the progress.

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    Looking good, this is how I did my brake and clutch lines. IMG_0465.JPG

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    Nice pic J65mustang, I have some patients, but that is art.

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    I got something done this despite getting in my own way. This week all of the brake high pressure side is done, secured and tight, I have the reservoir mounting, lines and bleeding the brakes, that will be another week TBD. I actually squeezed down the transmission tunnel to install a couple clamps, smacked my head on head of the trans cross-member mounting locations, not recommended, I bled a little but pushed on and completed the task. Things dried out for a couple days here, so I thought I would try on use my evap cooler. That didn't goes as planned, pump was dead, hose was too short for the new pump and then the drain broke, finally after 4 trips the the hardware store, my pads were all but done. I ordered new pads got them Friday, installed them as the last thing I did, it rained Saturday.... it did dry out I finally got to use the cooler I was able to work 2 more hours on Saturday to finish the brake lines. Next task, fuel lines, made mounting bracket for my fuel filter mount today. Hopefully the weather will be better this week.

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    one more pic

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