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Thread: 427 Windsor 4 into 4 header solution

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    427 Windsor 4 into 4 header solution

    Has anyone put a Ford Racing aluminum 427 Windsor with AFR 220 heads in a Mark 4 roadster? I bought the 351 headers from Factory Five and they have small rectangle openings. I have an engine building out of state wanting to dyno my motor and I need to find replacement 4 into 4 headers that fit the AFR heads. Anyone done something like this?? I am new to the forum and do not know how this works. My email is [email protected]

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    Most Dyno operators have there own headers. If you are wanting that exact of #'s yes you will need to send him your headers. The reason dyno ops have there own is so they can connect to the dyno room exhaust system. Mike Forte can comment on this for sure.
    We put a World products 427 Windsor in "Wastehaulers" car and used a set of FFR headers and had cracks develop, went to a set of Gas and Go with no problems. The Engine has Roush heads. The dyno was done by World Products with standard headers.

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    www.GPHeaders.com will build you whatever you need.

    I have the ZHeads Ford Racing 427 with raised ports which did not work with the FFR Headers. I had them build custom headers for me. Not cheap but they are perfect for my application.
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    I was going to suggest Gas-N headers as they make 3 primary sizes, but...

    Just reviewed AFR's site. These 220 heads used ports that are raised .375". I believe you'll need custom made headers. Try Stainless Headers.

    Under Specs on AFR's website:
    Exhaust Port Location ......... .375" Raised
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    I'm helping a friend with his Gen 3 Coupe build. He will have a 427W with AFR 220s, so we'll have similar issues. I've spoken to a few of the header builders and most will help, some want the car others use a tubing fabrication system to help model the headers. We will probably get the modelling system.

    I have a 427 with AFR 225s (the previous head with larger exhaust ports) and custom headers from Firefly Performance Products in my Superformance. The headers are not the same as the FFR design. Whatever you do plan to use the outside, 3" spacing, header bolt holes. You'll have to plug the inner sets of holes but this is easy. Then you can use steel set screws as studs and full size nuts and washers. This is way better than the specialized header bolts. PM if you want to know more.

    I would suggest 1-7/8" tubes but your engine combination and how you plan to drive it will be the final determining factor. I tried 2" tubes but these were too large, worked well at the upper range but lost torque in the normal driving range. I spin 7,000, the 1-7/8 tubes work well.

    Good luck on your build.


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    Best solution is full custom headers. Next best is to get flanges for the AFR heads, cut off your current flanges and weld back up on your current headers.
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    Call George at Gan-N performance. He has some for AFR220 heads that use the wider 3" bolt spacing and you can get them with 1 7/8 primary's which is what you need for those heads. They are $550 a set and made from stainless steel. And designed to fit the mk4. Also make sure you get the correct header gaskets as they are much larger then the standard ones.

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    I've used SCE 4736 embossed copper gaskets for the AFR 225s. I think Summit has them. Worked well on the 225s, the 220 ports are about 1/8" smaller in both height and width. This may then require a different p/n.

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    Hey Guys, Just worked with George at Gas n for this exact setup he went and sourced new flanges for these heads. had them on a mustang I their shop. I also wanted 1 7/8 all the way to the flanges no step. They were delivered today. Have not seen them in person. but will in a few hours and I will take pics. they are probably the first set like this he told me they were going to make them available on the site. Just call them the are a great company to work with. It took a few months to get them but was more than willing to wait. If you have and question shoot me a PM. or call : Greg 520-400-3584

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    Contact GP Headers. I have AFR 205 1/8" raised port. They built mine with a double collector for the O2 sensor for EFI.

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