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Thread: March 2017 POM WINNER!

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    March 2017 POM WINNER!

    March 2017 POM WINNER!
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    Picking her up from the detail shop and heading out to the Emerald Coast Cruize in P.C Beach with the FFR crew.
    McDonough, Georgia
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    Congratulations! You are the March 2017 POM Winner!!

    FFR 5369 Pin Drive, IRS, Trigos, Torsen, Wilwoods, FMS BOSS 302 "B" cam , Mass-flo. CA SB100 (SPCN) Registered
    Delivered 4/23/06. "Finished" 4/2012 (still not done!)

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    Thanks alot fellas.

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    Great picture of a great looking car. Congratulations!



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    Sweet! Love the color- do you have a name and/ or code you could post?

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    The blue is a ford color, Deep impact blue J4 with GM grey stone titanium stripes WA213M.
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    Wow, a really stunning photograph!

    This terrific POM wonderfully highlights this roadsters wide crouching stance, it's sexy rear fender flairs, and a stylish hood scoop that just hints at raw power lurking underneath the hood.

    Da Bear
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danthony89 View Post
    Thanks alot fellas.
    what rims do you have on there?? I like what I can see of them!

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    The wheels are FR500's

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    I'm guessing those are 18" FR500 9" front with 10" rear with Nitto NT555, but what size of tires are you running? I love the color and stance of your cobra what a beautiful car!!! Can you give us more specs on your car.

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    The wheels are 17/9 and 17/10.5's, tires are Nitto NT555 315/35/17 and 255/40/17.
    The build was a donor build and has a 94 mustang drivetrain with rebuit and TFS upgraded engine, 373's out back with a tremek 5spd. Car took about 13 months to build and then 6 month in paint and body. Ceramic coated paint looks as good today as it did almost 2 years ago when it was painted.

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    Wow, love the colour. Wheels are nice too!

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    That color is fantastic!

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