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Thread: FS: Hou TX - 818S Project - STi parts

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    FS: Hou TX - 818S Project - STi parts


    Hey all, I'm selling my 2014 818S. It's partially built. Suspension, brakes, steering, radiator are all on.

    I have upgraded to STi parts wherever I could... Here's the list:
    2010 STi steering rack (manual and quick ratio)
    2004 5x100 STi knuckles all around
    2015 Cadillac ATS Brembos front (new) (modern version of STi front 4 pot Brembos, same size)
    2006 STi rear 2 pot Brembos - freshly painted
    2004 STi rotors... fronts have been trued but show some rust from sitting, rears are straight off the car but were straight.
    2007 22mm sway bar (non OEM)
    2006 STi Aluminum front lower control arms

    The frame is powder coated black, and the kit has a couple of factory options (it was purchased for 12k... I'll provide the build sheet later). I also have all needed donor parts from a 2006 WRX except motor and trans (including a wiring harness, which I've already labeled & nice black bolstered seats that look just like the STi Recaros minus the blue panels.)

    I've installed a new NRG quick release steering wheel and have two new 6 point harnesses and the FFR harness bar.

    I went all out on this build and really spared no expense on the things that I have already gotten to. I had test fit a Tesla motor into this car and planned on going full electric but i ran into issues with my partnership on the build and so I won't be able to complete it.

    After my deal fell through on the electric I went ahead and started installing the parts I had with the intention of putting an EJ in there. So it has a new Walbro 255 fuel pump installed in the FFR tank (older style).... was going to run a swirl pot but never got around to it.

    This car does not contain a donor motor or transmission (to many people, that may be a good thing).

    It does have a set of wheels but they're wrapped in snow tires and are pretty much garbage.

    I have about 16k wrapped up in this car and obviously I won't get that back. Priced dropped to 12k. I'm open to trades so let me know what you've got.

    It's located in Houston TX. I'd consider trailering it out to a buyer for the right price.

    I can pull the body down off the shelf and snap some pics of it. It's pristine.

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    I would like to come see the car. Where in Houston do you live? I'll be able to view car tomorrow afternoon. I'll be coming from north Houston.

    Markie D........Mark Danna

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    Is your car still for sale? if it is please email me at [email protected]

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    Lots of interest... but still available. Adding docs... I can't find the shift knob... other than that you can see what it has.08.jpg07.jpg

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    This is a heck of a deal, I wish I was in the market for another kit... Good luck with the sale!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eidolonic View Post
    Price dropped to 12k.

    If it was August I would jump on this. I cant at the moment .

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    No longer for sale... wife's letting me keep it! MODS please take the thread down.

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