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Thread: Factory Five GTM--LS7 with upgraded trans. Runs and drives!!

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    Factory Five GTM--LS7 with upgraded trans. Runs and drives!!

    I am unfortunately at a cross roads on what to do at the moment. This is my second GTM and this car is amazing, but I had to move for work and unfortunately just can not justify the commute to work in this car. I like to be able to drive and enjoy my cars daily, but I am afraid of what may happen to this car in Kansas City traffic. I can not just watch it sit in the garage, and may be selling it. It has a brand new LS7 with 6 miles in it, with a brand new Porsche trans and upgraded gearing to back it up. I have every piece of build paperwork and documented photos of the car. The only "used" parts on the car were the door handles and mirrors. Aside from that, every not, bolt, etc was new from the Chevrolet parts dept. It is running a brand new set of Z06 brakes that were ground down and re-painted to go with the car. The wheels were purchased new from the dealer and are not aftermarket. It has a wildwood setup under the hood, and is running AC. It fires right up and sounds amazing with the Kooks exhaust system. I just had the full fuel system gone through, as it was sitting for a while with old gas in it. The tanks were cleaned and re-installed and fresh 93 octane put in. As for what it needs to be done.....

    It will need the dash assembly fitted and finished. The seats are not yet bolted down, although I have set them in and driven it a few times haha.
    The door speakers need final wiring. I pulled the wires out to install the windows and re-route them.
    It has a DVD/Navigation system that works fine. It also has Bluetooth, XM, etc installed with a small subwoofer in the passenger kick panel as well.
    The windows need installed-I do have them all and they are not cracked/chipped/broken.
    The grilles need installed- I was going to order the slatted ones from v-raptor. I do have the stock mesh ones to go with the car.
    Backup camera is not yet installed- I do have it.
    The rear tail of the car will need spotted in. It developed a crack in the paint that was repaired by a long time body tech friend of mine but has not been sprayed over yet.

    I bought the car running poorly for 42k due to the old gas and sitting. I have spent a good deal of time tweaking it to make it run perfectly. I have videos for any prospective buyers. I have over 55,000 in parts receipts alone for this car. This does not count the body work or paint time, nor any labor. It is a very well thought out car and has has been built using nothing but new in box parts. Somebody can purchase it and finish the small things it needs and have an 80+ thousand dollar LS7 monster.

    Please feel free to ask any questions you may have on here or let me know what I can do to help. My cell is 402-320-9891 if anybody has any questions. I was trying to avoid eBay and sell it to somebody who can really appreciate the car. I will upload more photos from home when I can get to a good wifi signal.


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    Unless I missed it, what were you asking for the project?


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    I remember talking to the original seller about this car a few months ago when it was on eBay. It was being sold by the widow of the surgeon who was building it in Arkansas.

    Hopefully it'll get finished and roaring down the road.

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    Looks very nice.
    Previous forum name was "Fezzek"

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    My apologies. Yes this is the same car. I spent a couple thousand since getting it cleaning a few things up but plans have changed unfortunately. I would take 42 for it, im losing money on it but need to put the money elsewhere.

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    Has it been titled yet, and if so what are the details? Or still on a Certificate of Origin?
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