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Thread: Lizard skin in the trunk is it worth it?

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    Lizard skin in the trunk is it worth it?

    I'm to the point now where I have to decide if I want to lizard skin the trunk area of the car. I'm just not sure if it is worth it to spend the time in this area. Im going to lizard skin the cockpit for sure and put ceramic lizard skin in the foot boxes. I'm running custom made 3" core gas-n pipes on my 461 Windsor stroker motor and it's going to be fairly loud, so I just don't know what to do. Has any one done this trunk coating before and what your expierence is?

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    I've gone ahead and put the Lizard Skin in both the cockpit and trunk of each of my builds. For the cockpit I use both the heat and sound coatings. For the trunk, just the sound coating. It's not hard to add while doing the cockpit, and the usual 2-gallon buckets are just about the right amount to do both. I also fully carpet the cockpit and trunk. I don't have any data to say whether it makes a difference because I haven't done one without the coating in the trunk. I suspect from an actual sound level it doesn't make any difference. But it's my opinion that it contributes to an overall solid feeling and muted sounds from the back of the car, although I would agree that's pretty subjective. The other thing I like about Lizard Skin is how it seals everything up, including all the panel joints, and perhaps even adds a little strength. Good for the cockpit but also for the trunk. Again though, pretty subjective. Purists would argue it adds unneeded extra weight. Maybe some truth to that as well.

    How's that for a pretty random answer?
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    I put it in my trunk. I had one shot at coating the trunk area and I didn't want to regret not doing it later. Coating it wasn't going to be a decision I would regret later. The benefits of sound deadening seem to be positive and the only negative was the extra weight. As to whether it actually makes a difference isn't easily determined unless some side by side comparisons could be made but since every build is different, that comparison isn't likely. I don't think the ceramic component for the thermal barrier has much merit in the trunk area so if I were to do it again, I would apply all of the ceramic component in the foot boxes.

    I'm not sure the pipes/engine choice has much bearing on the lizard skin decision as does the intended purpose for the roadster. Mine was built for pleasure driving so I was wanting to reduce chassis/road noise and increase creature comfort while producing a solid ride experience. When I shut the door, it has a very solid sound similar to production vehicles.

    EDIT: my reply seems to be very similar to Paul's--he types faster.
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    I bought mine partially completed, so I personally did not do it, but...

    The original builder did the entire cockpit, and just the upper shelf in the trunk, including both sides of the rear wall (between the seats and roll bars), and the vertical sides adjacent to the upper shelf. Basically the area just aft of the cockpit was done. A compromise I suppose.

    Not great pictures, but gives the idea. Planning on full trunk carpet, so that will cover it all.
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    I already have the 2 gallon bucket of lizard skin and I like the idea that Boat is suggesting. I never considered just the trunk floor. This would cover the panels that would make the worst noise yet make it easy to tape off where I don't want it, and cut down on weight. Plus I have the carpet for the trunk so you will never see it. Thanks guys for helping me decide what to do.

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