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Thread: # 1002, SVTFreaks build.

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    Sometime during my build I gave up on having both the roadster windshield and hard top swap. At this point my top was off square corner to corner by 1/2". Same direction as yours I believe. Mold issue I'm guessing from other posts. Fortunately it was summer in a dry year and I used 2 push clamps on it. One along the passenger side window path rear to front pillar and one diagonally from drivers rear to passenger side front pillar. Then I left it set out in the sun a couple weeks. If I used a heat gun I think I would use it on low in the inside upper corner and cycle it a few times over about a week. I only gained about 1/4" after spring back and the roof was still a parallelogram so when I bolted it on I pushed that corner a little more and attached it under tension. My passenger window was still tighter than the drivers. The mold is asymmetrical. It hasn't cracked and I have run it hard, but I did reinforce the cowl area a little more. The body seems to have "relaxed" a little over the last year and my doors have stabilized. Maybe I'll paint it next winter...

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    Thanks erli. I have already reinforced my cowl a bit. If the stretch is too much, I may do the long time thing you did.

    I have given up on making it swappable myself. I'm even kind of considering glassing it on permanent but I'm a little worried about it flexing and cracking at that joint so currently working towards it never coming off but telling people "yeah it can but it's not easy". Which wouldn't be completely untrue.

    Either way, I've kinda got the red *** so I'm taking a break for a bit to finish a fireplace project for the wife lol.
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