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Thread: 33 rear exhaust pipes too short?

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    33 rear exhaust pipes too short?

    I just installed the rear exhaust on the 33. I found that the rear tail pipes are too short to allow the tips to reach the rear of the body. In fact, the passenger side is 2 inches shorter than the driver. This difference begins at the headers and cannot be adjusted since these newer systems use all ball and socket joints. No slip pipes leave no room for adjustment. The tips are held on with band clamps that are just 1 inch wide so no slack there either. Anyone seen this issue before and have a solution other than visiting a stainless steel welder person for a longer extension? How hard would it have been to leave six inches of extra pipe on these things to allow for fine tuning?

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    That is where mine came out also. I ended up using different tips to get them past the body. You could also have a local exhaust shop make some extensions for you .

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    That's disappointing. If nothing else I feel better about fabricating my own and ending up off center left and right. I'll cheat with offset oval tips. All I can suggest is build the back at the local shop and keep bugging F5 when things are katywampus.

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    Local shops can fix that nicely. Also a great move was the v-band flanges. I can drop the entire exhaust in less than 10 minutes. That is coming in handy.

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    What did you use for tips? There must be a million online..

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