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Thread: Power Sterring add

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    Power Sterring add

    Built Somfun in '07 using the 93 steering "box" no I have decide that I need to add power. Can I add a pump lines etc to the existing cylinder? What other ideas are out there?

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    If your steering rack has ports for power steering, you should be able to upgrade with a pump and lines. If you have a manual steering rack, more than likely, since you are driving it, consider electric power steering.
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    Tks Railroad, it was a PS rack from a 93 GT. At that time the build manual indicated it could be used by stripping the hoses and eliminating the fluids. I also found plus to close of the ports. Now to find brackets, pump hoses and pullys.

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    If the engine is somewhat stock, pump and brackets should be easy to find at the local salvage yard. If not, there are plenty of after market kits available for mounting a PS pump. You may find that the rack leaks when it is powered with fluid from lack of lubrication during the years of manual use. If so, you can purchase a rebuilt one for about $70 at Auto Zone or equivalent and get one with a different ratio if so desired.

    The caster will need to be reset to 7-8 degrees. Assuming this is a FFR product, that might be a problem if the upper A arms don't have enough adjustment. You may have to purchase longer adjusting sleeves but they are available from places such as Summit Racing. Good luck and keep us posted with progress and pictures.
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    Easiest and least expensive will be to find all the parts you need for a 93 GT. You could get it all from a salvage yard and then use the pump as a core to get a new/rebuilt pump from an auto parts store. I understand you can even use the Mustang hose w/ some creative bending of the lines. Your rack may be one of several ratios. Here are the numbers of the options from AZ.
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    I use and recommend the 3.0 rack.
    To do a better upgrade go to Breeze and buy everything from Mark.
    His rack is new. His pump is a better style than the Ford version from 93.
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