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Thread: Shipping to Canada

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    Shipping to Canada

    Hi fellow Canuckistan's

    It sucks to lose a part. My roadster is driving around now in primer. Having some fun and ironing out the bugs before paint. So I'm looking for my parking brake boot and can't find it anywhere after tossing the garage twice.
    No worries .... order a new one from FFR. Done

    $39 USD for the boot.
    $45 USD for shipping. (FedEx)
    After the exchange it stings a bit.
    Get the new boot in about 5 days. Installed no problem. All my own fault. guessed it. My beautiful wife Connie says, "is this the thing you were looking for?" and hands me the one I lost.

    Icing on the cake....FedEx just sent me a $37 bill for brokerage fees and duty.

    And I have an extra parking brake


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    I hear you on the shipping, duties, exchange thing. I learned that lesson very early and ship everything to a Niagara Falls, New York storage for periodic pickup. Huge savings on shipping and often don't pay border tax or duties. It helps living 45 minutes from the border...
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    I know this pain as well........ugh.

    Check out our build blog -
    FFR Type-65 Coupe 720
    London Ontario Canada

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    Agreed I'm two hours from Cudaback storage and it's still worth my while to stock pile. If you call the day before you go, they will pick the ordered parts off the shelves so their waiting for you up front. Not more than 5 bucks an item. Worth it.

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    FFR have some nice T-shirts on sale. OK, $20 US when you take into account the exchange rate may be a little steep. I said n
    ot a chance when it came to the $35 US for shipping. Not a chance.

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    I paid the big brown truck guys $84 for a $20 part - lesson learned - from that point on I only had stuff shipped USPS cuz they have an agreement with Canadapost so virtually no brokerage fees.


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