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Thread: EJ207 wiring questions

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    EJ207 wiring questions

    So I picked up a Ver7 EJ207 from JDM Racing Motors in Canada. The oil filler side had the harness plugs attached the brown and black, but the other side connectors are cut off, Is that normal practice? They also included a section of the harness from the ECU up to the other brown connector. Does anyone have pics and advice on where to find the correct way to wire this / parts needed?

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    Talk with iWire. They are the experts and probably have the connectors. They can certainly build what ever harness you need also. They are also good just for advice.
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    Grab a factory service manual and some aftermarket connectors. The engine harness is pretty simple.

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    I have whole wiring guide available for Ej207 V7

    I also have a thread here as well

    Also looks like I need to fix a bunch of pictures since photobucket is no longer nice...
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    Do you have a picture of how you connected your wiring on the passenger side of the engine as they cut the harness off and the other side you can just plug in

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    Not my image as i'm not at home atm but are you talking about the gray plug?

    If so thats the E1 plug its for your cam position and AVCS sensors.
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    This is the male and female images of them
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    This post show the ECU panel I built.
    All the connectors coming off the triangle panel go to the engine.

    Here is a picture installed
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    Here is a photo of the side where the connector is cut off, the second pic is the harness part that was sent with the engine to extract the avcs wires to add to my 2003 Harness and the 3rd pic is what I think the side with the connector cut off would connect to. It has been over a year since I took this apart the the label was on the engine I sold from the donor, what do they go to? Electrical diagrams are not my forte and am still learning the art of reading them, so pictures of it are super help full
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    A wire diagram is about the best picture your going to get of how to complete the circuit. It's a map of the wires. Sure they can span a few pages but look at it like a gazzetere. It tells you what page it continues on includes wire colors and list connectors with color and pinout at the connector. I would recommend taking a few minuets to learn diagrams it will make the rest of your harness making time much easier.

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    Is the new motor avcs? If so to make it work you need the jdm ECU, and some wire merging. IA performance has a merge harness for around 200 but still would need to source the grey missing connector for "plug and play" or use some after market ones ie weatherpack. It might be worth giving them a call they do "custom wire harness work"

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    The other option would be to use your 03 intake and engine harness and leave the avcs unplugged.

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    Yes, new motor avcs. I have the JDM ECU and the grey wires needed. Now it looks like I will need to source the grey connector as I only have 1 side as they cut it off

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    That's pretty frustrating as the plug is pretty accessable that they cut it. I would check IA performance or iwire I bought some connectors off IA a while back.

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    818 wiring

    Quote Originally Posted by fastzrex View Post
    Talk with iWire. They are the experts and probably have the connectors. They can certainly build what ever harness you need also. They are also good just for advice.
    I agree....I wire helped me thru issues I had with my electrical. I am pleased with their harness. Capt. Bill

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    I have two 818's The one purchased in the finished state #5 has the battery mounted at the extreme rear of the car on the LH side. The kit shows installation iis up front; was this a mod by the builder of #5 or what was advised on the early kits? Capt. Bill

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    E brake cable

    Hi: Is it common to only have one side operating when the E brake is activated? Capt. Bill

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    Keep AVCS its a wonderful tool to keep! IA is a rip off sorry they are don't use them. They charge $5.29 for a single pin lol nooooo way in hell anyone should pay that much for one pin... Use they are great prices and arn't in it to charge $5.29 for a .15cent pin.

    Any information on pins check out this page.

    If you only need pins let me know I have a decent stash of extra pins as I had to buy them in bulk($15 for 100pins). Still way cheaper then $5 a pin as I need about 20 of them lol.
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    No sorry's needed i only purchased a connector to replace a broken avcs solenoid connector. My harness is scratch built for MS3 only factory connectors are on the sensors and solenoids. nice to see a decent price for factory connectors I paid around 20 bucks from IA for one silly connector.

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    On post #8 I have a picture of the engine harness plug. It has a grey outer with orange inner plugs. How do you de-pin those?

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    Here is what I used <-- Larger extractor not really needed only used on the very larger connectors. <--- Smaller style worked on every pin from the ECU to ABS to larger style. If you only buy one buy this one. Best tool I could find much better then the multi pin tools has awesome leverage length and very thin.

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    Is there a locking tab you need to remove first?

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    To remove the pins out of the Grey connector with Orange insert you must first remove the Orange insert.

    We have these connectors you are looking for in stock (and pretty much anything else you can think of) -

    We also have the AVCS kit (lower price and better quality than the competitors)
    When we say to our customers "if there is anything you need, please ask," we mean it.
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    How does the orange insert get removed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef818 View Post
    How does the orange insert get removed?
    When we say to our customers "if there is anything you need, please ask," we mean it.
    iWire Subaru Wiring Services
    Over 100 Custom 818 Wiring Harnesses Built
    [email protected]

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    How about male connect side how does that orange connector come out. you can pull it out until it hits a stop, does it come odd further than that?IMG_2490.JPG

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