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Thread: Help for replacement pipe for post turbo EJ205

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    Help for replacement pipe for post turbo EJ205

    FFR supplies with the kit a stainless angled adapter that bolts to turbine out and what they call a tailpipe. I never got the "downpipe" from my donor kit of parts and are
    looking the best way to utilize these parts. Cat delete pipes do not appear to have the right shape to fit. The blank design of the FFR piece is not the best for wastegate flow but
    may be ok for stock boos levels. Searched exhaust on site but did not come up with much.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    I got a bellmouth straight pipe 3" steel exhaust from Mike Everson at with a mounting bracket and an 02 bung. Had a local shop cut and weld in a Flowmaster DBX and it came out great.

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    You can buy a bellmouth' from Kinugawa that has a short 3" outlet. From there its just a matter of running pipe, cat, muffler etc.

    For the stock flange turbo we made an exhaust using the bellmouth and a magnaflow 'spun' catalytic converter (using an angled one worked well in our install).
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    Thanks. That's helpful.

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    Wayne from VCP welded up a downpipe with CAT the has worked well for me. It exists out the back next to the transmission.

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