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Thread: What would it take to go 6mt?

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    What would it take to go 6mt?

    I have been offered a good deal on a jdm 6mt non dccd, but I'm not sure if it's really worth the effort. I currently have a 5mt with male axles and a mr2 shifter setup which is working fine. I'd consider the swap for the lsd, if the shifter will still work.

    What would I have to do to make the swap? I know people are going this route, but I'd need a little bit of direction to make it happen. Please chime in with some help!

    As for progress, I have an appointment for my VIN assignment in less than two weeks.. Things are getting exciting..

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    I have a non-dccd JDM 6 speed. It came out of a forester STI. You should be able to use your axles. The shift mechanism will require some work. You also need to disable the reverse lockout or add a separate cable to actuate it. Your flywheel and clutch are reusable. The center diff will need its spiders welded up. You should pre-heat this before welding the snot out of it.
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