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Thread: The turbomacncheese build thread

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    Wow, a month goes by pretty quickly, doesn't it? Not a ton to report, as I have CERTAINLY made it to the "little wins" stage. Didn't think it would be such a challenge to get seat brackets put together that allowed access to the bolts like I want. Finished the driver last weekend, spent a good chunk of today on the passenger side.

    Positive note: I've learned my lesson about only tacking metal together until I'm sure it's right, lol. Chopped up the shift cable mount (on the transmission) to try and solve a problem I'm introducing, found out it wasn't quite right...cutting that back apart was horrible. Seat bracket, I screwed that up too. Came apart much easier!! I'm happy with it, but no pictures.

    I picked up a bottle of C25 from a guy on craigslist, and jesus, welding goes so fast now, and no pops or splatters...but I kinda have to learn how all over again. So I'm hiding my work until then!!

    Speaking of hidden work, I spent a couple weekends trying to come up with some sort of crank to replace the FF bracket. I'm not an engineer by any stretch of the imagination, so I didn't go out and buy a bunch of stuff. I did get an approximation of what was in my head with some of the scrap I had laying around. FAILURE. Really hard to move in and out of gears or across the neutral zone (say from between 1/2 to between 5/R). So I scrapped it, and made two brackets that basically work the way FF set them up. Main difference is the longitudinal cable is in line with the shaft now, and the lateral cable approaches from the other side. Still really hard to shift in and out of gears. Is that because I don't have the clutch working yet? Because there is no oil in the trans? It didn't feel like that with the top mount before I disassembled the donor, even with the clutch engaged. Only change is draining the oil and using cables. It's really not good.

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    Other change, 2wd conversion. Could I have screwed something up there?

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    Try removing your linkage off of the trans and shifting into gear by directly turning and pushing the shaft on the back of the trans. This will tell you if there's an issue with the trans or with your linkage. Even if there's no oil, you should be able to engage every gear. If you're using the FFR provided cables, it can be difficult to get into gear from the large amount of slop in those things.

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    It doesn't seem terribly difficult to move by hand side to side, and it's nearly impossible to stop in neutral when I push/pull it out of gear. Example, in 3, give a tug, pop-pop into 4. Whoops. Push, pop-pop back into 3. Thought it would feel easier at the shifter because of the leverage on the shifter arm. Much more difficult. I guess I was just concerned that maybe it was supposed to be even easier at the trans. As is, I don't see how this thing is drive-able, and I'm not a picky guy.

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    I thought the same thing! i eventually lightened my touch and was able to find nuetral but took me a while.

    from the "upgraded" aluminum shifter i have no idea what gear i am in

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    Sounds like the trans is fine and it's the linkage or cables that are giving you trouble.

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    I agree. Just really surprised. I'm looking at lance's solid shifter linkage solution and another one that uses only a single rod. Maybe I'll make some headway there. Thanks.

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    I've decided to punt on the transmission linkage until I get this thing together enough to run. Bending my brain to it is taking a bunch of time, and it's not any fun to not see any progress. That said, I started screwing around with other stuff.

    I'm looking for alternative brake master cylinders, but I'm having trouble finding information on the mounting patterns for any of them. Sure, I can measure mine, but how do I know how far apart the holes are on the ones I'm looking at? I found a great resource from Cardone that has a lot of information (piston size, number of ports, thread size on the ports, etc) but none of that is any good if it doesn't BOLT UP!!! Here is that link, at least.


    and now that I've done my part here, if you have a resource that gets me that info, I'll be very happy indeed.

    Moving on, I made a bracket for the degas tank,to move it off to the side. Not as nice as Mechie's, but if you count the metal, gas, wire and paint, I'm in it for less than 3 bucks. Less than 2 if I get a discount for using paint and metal I had leftover from another project.

    And with the tank mounted....
    Degass Mounted.jpg

    I used 4 bolts and 2 nuts from my bucket-O-donor-bolts. Getting harder and harder to find hardware that matches for these little projects, but I still have a bunch in there. That bucket has probably saved me 30 or 40 bucks so far.
    And how did I get that hole spacing on the bracket you ask? What with me being pretty much a hack?

    bolt template.jpg

    That's right, dollar store packing tape. It's pretty thick, so it doesn't stretch or crinkle. Just rip a piece off, lay it where you want it, rub it really good with a thumb, then pull it and put it on whatever you need to drill. These were from the top of the manifold. I drilled right in the center of those circles there, and couldn't be happier.

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    Another slow weekend, but I think I can roll with my MC as is (more or less). I'll have some pictures of that later (maybe). Mounted the ABS controller on the floor right behind the battery. Next job is probably brake and clutch lines, but I'm camping next weekend so exactly nothing will get done then. And button up the engine. Gotta get those little bits like the purge solenoid, spark plugs, EGR figured out.

    Also bolted the turbo on. I was going to replace the cartridge with a pre-fab job, but I think I'll hold off until I see how my budget holds up. Still need to get a radiator, AC unit, power steering hoses, tires (although the donors are still pretty soft and miles of tread deep), etc.

    Also got the shifter mounted, still a sonofabirchtree to shift the gears but mounting it has helped considerably. I think the shifter might have been flexing, or perhaps the rubber grommets were flexing (I had it mounted to a board through those). Still sucks, but it won't get in the way of a first drive, so it's staying for now. I like Andrew and Tamara's solution, and I'll likely copy that down the road.

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