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Thread: Type 65 Gen 3 Manaul and AC update.

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    Type 65 Gen 3 Manaul and AC update.

    I haven't been able to find an answer to this question thru phonecalls to FFR or on the forums. I hope this is the right place to post my question. I am expecting my Gen 3 Coupe in 5 weeks and I am hoping that progress is being made on the manual. Can we get an update on where that stands as well as the status on an AC/heater for the Gen3?

    Thank you.

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    During prototype time they were using a Vintage Air gen3 mini unit. Very nice piece with all electric controls. No cables or vacuum lines like the Gen 2.

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    A friend has received his manual for the Gen 3 Coupe. The manual uses some info and images from other products. It's not bad, but not perfect either.

    Has also received some of the AC/heater components but not all. This isn't impacting his build progress.


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    FFR sent me the link(upon request) to download the latest Gen 3 Manual(Beta version 4A). It has 546 pages versus 468 for the Gen 2 manual. It seems to be more complete as I scroll thru it, but that is very subjective, never having assembled a car before. Definitely more pictures.

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    Update: I just spoke to FFR who is now selling a mini AC/Heater for the Gen 3 Coupe to be installed above the passenger's feet and below the dash. I was told the unit is from Australia and the price from FFR is $1250.

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    Justed checked on the AC status and it is still about a month away. Side windows are being worked on and they are maybe 2 months out.
    The pictures of the dark blue Gen 3 coupe that FFR have on their wab site show the heater and AC lines coming out of the passenger foot box.
    David W

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    Just got an email with tracking numbers from FFR - 3 boxes on the way, must be the AC and maybe the carpet.
    David W

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