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Thread: Front Upper control arm nipples

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    Front Upper control arm nipples

    It seems the consensus is to flip these so they face downward, but as I look at it, that would seem to change the ride height at least a half inch. I'd rather the car sit as low as possible using street ride holes. The manual shows them facing up. Why does everyone point them down?
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    Actually no, they should be pointing up exactly as you have them pictured. The upper pivot is how those UCA's are designed to work. The zerk pointed up provides the easiest access for a grease gun.

    Ride height isn't a consideration here. It's widely adjustable. Way beyond what that small amount of difference would provide. You can set it as high or low as like.
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    Pointed up.
    Where did you read that pointed downwards consensus?
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    Perhaps it's the Ball joint end flip your thinking about?
    The upper ball joint end needs to point out at the bottom to the spindle. We've seen a number of them pointing in torwards the frame

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    You may have seen something on the front lower control arms - the "anti lift kit" bushing is what people typically flip. You want that zerk fitting on top!

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    I noticed mine are facing down. Don't remember if there was a reason I did it or not. Other than access, is there any significant reason to bother changing them at this point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgf05354 View Post
    I noticed mine are facing down. Don't remember if there was a reason I did it or not. Other than access, is there any significant reason to bother changing them at this point?
    Have you checked them through the full range of motion, to ensure they won't hit the frame anywhere?

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    I've got 250 miles on the car since registered. I haven't noticed any interference.

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    Maybe Wayne can chime in. I'm not sure the reason either, but if I recall in the assembly tips, Wayne suggested flipping the arms so fittings pointed down.

    I have mine pointing up as in the assembly manual.

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    Yes, that's why I turned them down. Wayne mentioned it in his build tips. I knew I did it for a reason.

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    So any idea where Wayne suggested this? I feel like I have seen it before, but not specifically from Wayne. I also see how flipping the mount upside down would change ride height. How often are you needing to grease these anyway?

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    It's in the sticky 818 assembly tips- add yours.

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