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Thread: Tri-Y XForce headers from Summit Racing

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    Tri-Y XForce headers from Summit Racing

    Anyone have feedback on these TH-EJ20-TY, $179 headers from Summit Racing, including the up-pipe?

    Tri-y, polished stainless, equal-length...what gives??

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    fasterer and furiouser longislandwrx's Avatar
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    looks like a basic ebay header, so you will likely have fitment issues as well as welding quality issues and inferior steel quality.

    on their website they appear to photoshop their logo onto an generic header so that should speak volumes.

    I would rather get a used set of name brand headers for a little more. I bought a set of perrins for $300
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    Yeah, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, huh?

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    Perrin are the only equal length header that does not hang too low
    Wayne Presley
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    Thanks Wayne...good to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne Presley View Post
    Perrin are the only equal length header that does not hang too low
    How close to the frame are the Perrin equal length headers? The picture below looks like the are pretty far in front of the engine.
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    FWIW, this is the equal length eBay header that I purchased for our EJ205. Is a very good fit on the engine and the weld and material quality are good. It does not hang below the rails of the chassis during test fitting.

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    Those XForce shown on their website and summit don't look like anything I can find on EBay... No mention of alloy or thickness tho

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