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Thread: Suggestions for Donating '77 Pontiac Firebird Barn Find?

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    Suggestions for Donating '77 Pontiac Firebird Barn Find?

    As a car-guy, friends of our family approached me for help with a their '77 Firebird. They purchased it new in '77 and drove it for less than 10 years before parking it in a dairy barn under a sheet of plastic due to transmission problems. There it sat for the past 30+ years, on a set of concrete blocks, playing host to a whole community of mice.

    Recently they approached me and wanted to know if I'd like the car for free - the only catch being that they want it to be restored / rebuilt so that it has a second life. Unfortunately, I have way too many projects at the moment. Adding to my reluctance is that it's a base car - six cylinder with automatic in glacier blue with white interior - not what I'd consider a desirable car. From what I can tell, it's fairly solid and would probably be a good base for a pro-touring or track car build.

    I talked with a couple younger enthusiasts, but they don't have a place to keep it or the money to do the work. I also checked with the local vocational center (regional high school that hosts all of the shop classes these days) and they said it would only be used for basic maintenance practice, then probably scrapped in a few years. The owners don't want it to go to someone who will just clean and flip it, so that rules out most of my car-guy buddies.

    So, that brings me to you guys for suggestions. What would you guys do to connect this car with the right person?

    One last point - the owners are the parents of one of our parish priests, so the need to do this right weighs heavy.

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    I may be stupid for asking, but can you get some pics posted?
    I've got a 400 Poncho & Turbo 400 that's been sitting for years over at my cousin's house.
    He's recently asked me to come get them.

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    My suggestion would be to try to find a somewhat local Pontiac/firebird club online. Talk to the pres or webmaster about it.

    They may want to take it on as a club project, build it right and sell it with the proceeds going to a non-profit group, maybe
    even let the current owner decide where the monetary donation goes.

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