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Thread: FE engine mounts

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    FE engine mounts

    Has anyone used an after market or a side oiler block with the big block mounts provided by factory five? The reason I ask is because the left insulator, the side with the oil gallery down the block, the insulator needs to be modified to fit. Has anyone else ran into this issue?

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    I used the OE one with mine and the FFR engine mounts and had about 1/2 inch clearance between the filter and thr frame

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    Is your block as side oiler? The left insulator hits where the top bolt goes on the front. Looks like the only way to make it work is to trim insulator.

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    Mine is the 390 top oiler but from what I've read the top oiler and side are oiler have the same block castings except for the oil passages

    I had no issues using the FFR mounts with the OE oil filter adapter the rubber parts of the mount cleared the block with no problem
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    I did have to grind down part of the block to get the high torque starter to mount

    Did you use the 4.6 liter panel for the drivers foot box you will need the added space for header clearance

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    My engine mount came in two pieces

    The rubber mount has two plates the one with four holes bolts to the block and the plate with two holes bolts to the other bracker with the threaded stud pointing out towards the frame mount

    I can try and get you a pic later today


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    I am actually using a side oiler block and they are drilled differently than other FE blocks because of oil passage on left side. The right mount lines up fine the left i'm going to have to modify.

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    Sorry I wasn't much help

    I think we all have had to come up with a modification or two before the build is completed

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