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Thread: 2018 Calendars - call for pictures

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    2018 Calendars - call for pictures

    Hi all!

    It seems I've been away forever. Been a tough year.

    But I have obtained the ok from the forum and from Factory Five to do the calendars again this year.

    Last year things got a bit behind, and as a result, some people didn't get their calendars til after Christmas. I felt bad about that and I am determined to not allow that to happen again. Incidentally, last year's thought of a "pin up" style calendar didn't work out so well. So this year...its all about the cars. If there happens to be a model with it, so be it, but this is not a cheesecake calendar.

    What this means is that I need the pics a bit sooner. No more mid-November submissions! Sooner is better. In fact, sooner is required!

    Want your car in the calendar? Send me this...

    Hi resolution photos at least MINIMUM 3000 pixels wide
    Pic of your car from a couple of angles
    Pic of your engine bay
    If you want, a pic of your interior

    Your Chassis number (eg. GTM # 275, or Cobra Mk III # 3650, etc)
    Your name
    Your car's name (if applicable)
    Engine/drivetrain info (size, HP, torque)
    any special details
    Also, the quotes seem popular with each month, so please include (if you can) a favourite automotive-related quote. (If you don't have a quote, I have a few, but it means more if it comes from you)

    Send this to:
    [email protected]

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    Got one submission so far!
    Come on, there's got to me more people out there proud of their cars!

    Even if you were in last year's calendar, there's nothing saying you can't be in this year's again!

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    Senior Member Presto51's Avatar
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    Catonsville, Maryland
    Hey TAZ,

    Would you take photos of builds that are in process, or do you need them to be finished.

    IMHO Seeing build under construction this year and next year show the finished product would be bad a$$.

    What say you?

    "May you be in heaven a full half hour before the Devil knows you're dead"

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    MK3.1 2004 Mach 1 donor.
    GTM #304 LPE 525hp LS3

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    Taz, I will submit mine. I am done my car. Just need to get a few pics of it this weekend.

    Team Bouffard
    GenII #369

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    RF - cool cool cool!
    Still need more...c'mon guys! The Cobra calendar already has 7 submissions!

    Hey RON!!!!!!
    Don't you and Rumrunner have a Daytona build going? That would be pretty sweet in the Coupe calendar!
    Even if not...its been a while since we talked! Give me a call and we'll tell some lies and call out the women!

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    For sure, do that please!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by i.e.427 View Post
    Taz, we just finished this one up and delivered it to the customer this past Sunday. If you'd like, I'll put you in touch with the car owner. I'll be seeing him at a car show this Saturday.


    Cobra by i.e.427, on Flickr

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    I've only got 4 (four!) GTMs submitted so far, with a promise of a 5th!

    The Roadster calendar only has one spot left, you guys are lagging!

    A Christmas themed submission gets you December, Flags get you July!

    C'mon guys, don't make me beg! LOL

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    Senior Member Edgeman's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada
    How about one with a mix of cars? I will still get one of each but it would be cool to have on with a variety.
    GTM #370
    Car was completed and I have SOLD my car
    Doing what you like is freedom - liking what you do is happiness

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    I'm away on some family stuff.
    I'll be back hopefully by the weekend to start the ordering thread.

    Getting close but still room for a couple more submissions.

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    Still need a couple more GTMs for the calendar.

    2-3 would be great.

    Ordering thread coming next week.

    Also...I'm putting special dates in again...holidays like thanksgiving and christmas etc,

    But also, if you look at the 2017 calendar, I also included the Indy and Daytona 500, 25 hr of Thunderhill, Detroit Autorama, and a few major car shows.

    If you have any dates for big events, drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know so I can include them on the 2018 calendars

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