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Thread: 460 ford big block

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    460 ford big block

    I need some help with my big block 460 ford engine. I have primed the engine with oil using a drill in prep for starting after a long time sitting and am unable to stab the dist. back in the block. When looking down the hole, the top of the oil pump drive shaft is laying over against the side of the opening. I used a long screwdriver and can move, what appears to be, the top section of the shaft. It literally just wobbles around in the hole but, since the dist./oil pump shaft line are laid over in the block, the oil pump shaft continues to rest against the side of the opening preventing the dist. from settling down over it. I jacked the car up on the passenger side which got the shaft to come off the wall just enough to get the dist. installed - tried starting but realized I'm about 2 teeth off and need to pull it again.

    I've looked at pics of the oil pump shaft on-line and they don't appear to be 2 piece units. If mine is broken, I don't understand how I'm getting oil pressure when priming using the drill.

    So the question - is my case normal and the shaft is 2 piece or is it bad...the shaft is broken and needs to be replaced?

    Mk3 F5R4937, Carb'd 460BB, C4, 3-Link, A/C, APE Hardtop

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    I believe this is the same setup as the small block, a single piece hex shaft from the oil pump protrudes up for the distributor to engage. The top is usually tapered to allow it to self center and slide in dist shaft. It will have some slop allowing it to lean off to one side. If worn, it could lay over more than normal, in which case I would replace it with an upgraded ARP brand unit. They are usually inserted during the oil pump installation, as they often have a star washer on them to keep them from falling out the top while engine is upside down on the stand. You may try putting a glob of bearing grease in the block hole down below to hold the shaft away from the side temporarily to allow engagement. if the top end of the shaft is flat, it will be difficult to get it positioned to engage the dist shaft.
    If there is no star washer, you could put some thick grease in the drill driver and carefully attempt to extract it if necessary to replace. Tricky, but feasible.
    If star washer is on the shaft, then oil pan & pump has to come off to access.

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    Thanks PeteH, I will try the glob of grease trick.
    Mk3 F5R4937, Carb'd 460BB, C4, 3-Link, A/C, APE Hardtop

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