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Thread: Boost Solenoid broke

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    Boost Solenoid broke

    Anybody ever fix one of these? I'm thinking about drilling it out and adding a barb.
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    This is kind of a critical part that controls boost, personally I'd replace it. I installed a 3 port BCS and probably still have my old one but it's got 140k miles on it.

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    yeah, tongue-in-cheek. I've done some silly stuff, but I have WAY too much time into this engine. I barely touched the thing and it popped. I can't imagine taking a drill to it. I don't even think I'll need a boost controller for a while. But I promise to youtube it if I do, lol.

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    My motor was missing it when I got, took me forever to figure out what the right part was.

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    Replace it with Grimmspeed or Cobb.
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    Or go for a GM 3 port boost control solenoid (potentially cheaper option)

    ACDELCO solenoid part # 214474(notes GM part number 1997152). About $45 at amazon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt.Gator View Post
    Replace it with Grimmspeed or Cobb.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikeb75 View Post
    Or go for a GM 3 port boost control solenoid (potentially cheaper option)

    ACDELCO solenoid part # 214474(notes GM part number 1997152). About $45 at amazon
    YEAH! This is the stuff I was looking for. Like I said, I have time on this. New engine, I plan on running manifold pressure straight to the wastegate for now. Spending between here and there will determine the price of my ultimate solution. Thanks guys.

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    Be careful replacing this with a random similar part. If it's purely an on/off valve, then you are probably OK. However, some of these have proportional control that give varying levels of vacuum. The company I work for has made both styles in the past.

    Just to put the aftermarket price into perspective, these parts cost the OEM $3-4 at high volumes. It's very typical for the service part to be 10-15X more than the original. Price is partly justified with more handling through the service channels, placing it into a box, and usually very low volume production on a special production line. Mostly, it's a money grab.

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    I went with the GrimSpeed 3 port - fairly inexpensive and boosted (see what I did there) my performance reliability factor....

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    That's not the boost control solenoid. That's your evap purge.

    If you kept the charcoal canister and all the evap parts replace it with another one, if you deleted all that throw it away.

    I don't suggest a repair, not worth the possible headaches with lean codes and possible engine failure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SixStar View Post
    That's not the boost control solenoid. That's your evap purge.
    Good eye. I assumed it was a 3 port solenoid from the posts without really looking at the photo too hard.

    If wanting a replacement, this kind of purge valve can be replaced by most of a similar style. It's likely a Denso or Aisin product.

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    Thanks. I'll have to look into this more, as I'm still undecided on the charcoal canister.

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    Get a new one.
    Mine had 120K miles on it and I didn't realize it wasn't working till I went to the dyno. What a difference with the new Cobb 3 port one!
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