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Thread: Shelby American Collection in Boulder, Colorado

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    Shelby American Collection in Boulder, Colorado

    I took my wife to Boulder, CO this past weekend to visit her sisters. Turns out, one of my sister-in-laws lives about 5 minutes from the Shelby American Collection, a small car museum that houses a bunch of Shelby stuff that is primarily on loan to the collection.

    I decided to take a bit of time on Saturday to go check it out, and take a bunch of pictures. A whole bunch of pictures.

    Museum1.jpg Museum2.jpg Museum3.jpg

    They had a bunch of Cobras, a couple coupes, a few GT-40s, and several Shelby Mustangs, along with a few other cars - and a bunch of memorabilia on display. I think it was worth the $5 admission, and enjoyed my brief stay.

    A few things I found interesting...
    1. Front marker lenses on various cars - amber on some and clear on others. I think I preferred the clear lenses. I made a note to come home and look to see what color lenses were provided with my kit (because I couldn't recall off the top of my head), and see if I can find any reference material on what was used and when.

    2. One white Cobra with a hardtop had a deflector mounted on the hood. I didn't find it appealing, just interesting, as I hadn't seen it before.

    3. So many guardsman blue cars. I am not even remotely questioning my choice of red for my build, but man, those sure look good.

    4. Ideas for future builds. A coupe? A GT-40 clone? Oh, my. I'm going to have so much fun with my Roadster, but those cars just look ready to provide an immediate adrenaline injection and feed an addiction to driving on the edge.

    5. While having a conversation with the guy behind the counter, I mentioned in passing that I primarily decided to visit because I'm building a replica. I got the immediate impression that I shouldn't have mentioned that, as he sort of disengaged from the conversation after that comment. Like we all have a million bucks or so to drop on an authentic vintage car.

    I ended up with a couple posters, a slew of pictures, a bunch of crazy ideas, and an urge to get back to work on my build.

    If you happen to be in the Boulder, CO area, I'd say it was worth the price of admission. Plan for an hour or two, although I'm sure more time could be spent there looking at details, if you don't have a wife and her sisters waiting on you.
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    Very nice. Thanks for sharing!!
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    It's a fun place to visit. But whatever you do, DON'T mention you own a replica. That always ends the conversation right away. They get pretty snooty about that.
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    I picked up a '94 SVT Cobra that I used for a few donor parts for my build in Denver back in the summer of '09 and my first stop before hopping on the road back to the midwest was at the museum in Boulder. Loved the displays and I, too, came home with a bunch of swag. I have a poster on my garage wall of two of the original Cobra race cars and a Daytona coupe at a track in Europe with a guy standing among the cars with a tuxedo on - it's always been my favorite - and mentioned it to the guy at the counter when I found the same poster in the display. He said "want to see something cool?" Then pointed to the same three cars, which were arranged in the same order in the museum as the in the picture.

    I had a different experience than above, though, when I mentioned building a replica. I told him why I was in town and we got to chatting about my (then) upcoming FFR build. He was very friendly and suggested tons of details and pics for me to take to try and incorporate into my build.

    Haven't been back to that area since, but will make sure to drop in when I'm there again, for sure.

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    The wife and I attended the annual party and car show on Labor Day. I can’t believe they raffle off a brand new GT350R every year.
    They also had a a few rows of factory fives and other replicas mixed in with csx cars as well. It’s a great museum!

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    Thanks for posting this; I wasn't even aware that the place existed. We sometimes drive through Boulder on the way back from the mountains and I will try to check this out next time we are there. The Simeone Museum in Philadelphia is probably comparable and well worth the time to visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Cowan View Post
    It's a fun place to visit. But whatever you do, DON'T mention you own a replica. That always ends the conversation right away. They get pretty snooty about that.
    Yes - I agree! I was there this past summer for my son's wedding, and after I mentioned Factory Five, they ignored me pretty much after that!

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    When I was there in 2003 they did not even want me to take any pictures! There were too many people trying to build exact replicas to dilute the market was their logic. Good to see they moderated a little. I am also sure it depends on who is at the counter that day too.

    It was interesting the size of the frame rails as the serial number went up. The gt40s were stunning.


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    I was there on Nov 18th and took these pictures of cobras I hadn't seen there before.

    The first cobra was there (CSX 2000) which sold for 13.5 million:
    First time I had seen a original Daytona coupe in person:

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