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Thread: NT450 tire experience

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    NT450 tire experience

    Has anyone used the NT450 tire?

    I am looking to fill the wheel well a bit more. I have the standard 235/45r17 front and 275/40r17 rear. Looking to install 50 series the Nitto NT450 is the only tire I have found that will give me more sidewall on the 17"

    255/50R17 105V XL
    275/50R17 110V XL

    They will have an inch of addition sidewall (radius).

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    This will be an interesting experiment. That extra OD may be a problem up front w/ increased turn radius. It may also be a problem in the rear. The commonly used 295-50/15 is only 26.7 OD so you will be about 1.1 over that.
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    Are your current tires in need of replacing?
    Any consideration to just lowering the car a bit to accomplish the look you desire?
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    I don't know if those sizes will fit well.
    Like you I wanted a bit more sidewall, but also wanted 17's.
    With that said, I've got 245/45-17's up front with 285/40-17's out back.
    My tire height is are right at 25.9" for the rear with the front runners at or around 25.6"
    I don't think you can go much past 26" up front, but out back you may have a little wiggle room.
    Take a look:
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    Is it a Mk4 or an earlier version? If it's a Mk3 or earlier the larger diameter rears are going to try to occupy the same space as the rear cockpit wall corners and horizontal 3/4" tube unless you jack it up with additional ride height. No matter the vintage the fronts will contact the F panel/splash panel when you get near full lock which is the case with most any size however with the larger diameter it will just happen sooner.


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