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Thread: Hello!

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    Hello everyone!

    New here and just wanted say hi. Been a car guy for a long time and have done some restoration/modification work on several classics. Looking at doing a ground up kit in the future as my next project and the Factory Five cars are always regarded highly.

    Wanted to join in order to learn from those that have done this before and learn from your experiences. I'm still at least a year before I will be able to undertake a new project, but never hurts to start getting ready by reading and learning all I can!

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    Welcome! Which car are you leaning towards?

    Lots of build threads here to read - bookmark the posts you want to remember!
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    That is the problem, I like so many! Started off looking at the 33 Hot Rod, but I'm being really drawn toward the 65 Coupe now. I love the old GT cars and was never satisfied with the Ferrari kits I've seen. The more I look at the coupe, the more I like it.

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    Welcome aboard. The new Gen 3 coupe kit does look pretty spectacular.
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    I've seen and have sat in the new Type-65 Coupe (Gen-3).
    I've ridden in my pal's (Jerry) Gen-1 Type-65 on many occasions.
    With that said, the Gen-3 is the best of what Factory Five has to offer.
    If you have the skills and are under 6'3", then you will love the car.
    It was not offered when I purchased my MK-4, but I'd love to build one in a few years.
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    Welcome. I came to the party fully expecting to build the 818R. I’m midway through a MK IV and having a blast. Already trying to decide on the next project. Lots to learn but fortunately that’s are a lot of people willing to help. Good luck.
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    Definitely a lot of experience and ideas here.

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