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Thread: First Start Installed

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    Senior Member jwebb's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    Longmeadow, MA
    MK4 #9121 - Complete kit - Stroked 351, T5x, 3.55 Rear End, 3-Link - Pickup 6/17/17, 1st start 12/2/17, Go-Kart 12/9/17

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    Aug 2016
    Northern VA
    Congrats!!! looks great!

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    Steve >> aka: GoDadGo GoDadGo's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
    Slidell, Louisiana
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    Congratulations From New Orleans Louisiana, Also Known As The Big Easy!

    I'll make sure to hoist one for you (I'll Have A Pisco-Fizz Please) for this great accomplishment at Happy Hour.
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    It’s alive! Congratulations.
    MK IV #8901 - Complete kit, Coyote, TKO-600, IRS. Ordered 5/23/16, Delivered 7/14/16, First Start 8/13/17, First Go-Kart 10/22/17. Build Thread:

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    Nice Jim.....if your neighbors didn’t know you were building a car, they do now. Time to let out the clutch and take it for a ride.

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    Sep 2013
    Stafford Virginia
    Very nice, CONGRATS!
    MK4 complete kit #9059 ordered 1/19/17 delivered 3/23/17, 2015 IRS, Fortes/DART347,TKO 600, hyd clutch, P/S, 12.88 wilwood brakes front and rear, high back kirkey seats, heater/defrost and vintage gauges

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    Senior Member phileas_fogg's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    Fairfax Station VA
    Congratulations Jim! Very well done!

    One comment on your brake system though: I only see one reservoir feeding the two master cylinders. I highly recommend you feed each master with its own reservoir; that way a failure in the front brake system doesn't cause the rear to fail and vice versa. All the US manufacturers went to independent brake systems several years BEFORE they added seat belts...

    Cheers, and congratulations again!

    MK IV Roadster #8631
    Ford 302, Holley Terminator EFI, T5z, 3.55 Rear End, IRS, 17” Halibrand Replicas (9” front, 10.5” rear), Nitto 555 G2’s (275/40ZR17 front, 315/35ZR17 rear), Fast Freddie’s Power Steering, F5 Wilwood Brakes, FFMetal’s Firewall Forward, Forte’s Hydraulic Clutch & Throttle Linkage

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    Congrats! too bad you ran out of gas...
    Mk IV Roadster - #8650 - delivered 7-17-2015 - a work in (slow) progress
    Complete kit / 2015 Coyote / TKO600 / IRS / Wilwood brakes

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    Looks and sounds great

    You have to love it when you can sit in the drivers seat and reach the carburetor

    #8475 Complete Kit Delivered Nov 2014, started Nov 2015, Street Legal Apr 2016, Paint and Interior Completed Aug 2017, 390 BBF, March accessory kit, MSD Atomic EFI and Ready to run, TKO 500 with MidShift kit, hooker headers, 3 link, track lock with 3.55, power steering, wipers, heater

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    Oct 2016
    Fayetteville WV
    Great! Nice sounding engine
    1972 Corvette Stingray 350 c.i. Manual Steering & Brakes
    2003 H-D Softail Deuce 88 c.i. TwinCam
    Gen 3 Coupe Dreamer

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