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Thread: First of many questions- wheels

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    First of many questions- wheels

    Hey! I'm taking delivery of a kit next week! Built a roadster with one son 8-10 years ago, and now building a GTM with his younger brother. It'll have a lightly upgraded LS3 with a G9650. Lots of add ons from Shane, etc.

    Question about the FF GTM wheels. In looking back over the million posts over the years it looks like everybody has 18" fronts and 19" rears with the FF wheels. They now have 19" x 9" wide fronts and 20" x 12" wide rears. Has anybody built with this combo yet? They also have some 18" fronts still. Do the 19s work ok on the front fender clearance? I assume there is plenty of room for the 20s on the rear? Even if you haven't built with the larger combo, I'd appreciate any feedback you have.

    Many thanks

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    Welcome to the madness Butch. Looks like you and I will be pretty close together on our builds. I took delivery in October and have been working on sheetmetal fitment and am almost complete and ready for coating of panels. Just waiting for some parts from Shane before I drill my final holes. I plan on setting up a temp paint booth and coating panels over my Christmas break if all goes well.

    As for wheels, I wanted to go with the largest possible and same with the brakes, the largest possible. I ordered the 19x9 and 20x12 Forgestar F14 from per the exact specs that are shown on the FF website and got them for about $2k. It was a 10 week lead time, but their customer service was excellent and the tech guy helped me with the Wilwood brake packages that would not work with my setup. I say would not work as we pretty much narrowed it down to a couple brake packages that would work with small spacers up front. After talking with Gordon Levy, he stated they used spacers all the time to get nice fitment and finish so I am not worried about the brakes at this moment.

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    Welcome, Butch. I have the wheels from FFR with tires mounted and a standard break set up. I can't say for clearance at this time as I do not have the body mounted.

    Enjoy the build.

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    Sounds like you have a great place to start'll love that G9650.....IMO, the slickest shifting trans for the GTM you can get.

    As for the wheels, I didn't even realize that FFR changed their "option" wheels. Last I checked, the optional wheel package from FFR was 18" all around and they were running 335's in the rear. As for running 19's and 20's, we've done that here before. Lot's of the cars we've built had 19's on the front with no problem. Apparently the 20's work, or FFR would not offer them as an option.....although, to me it seems like they're going to fill every bit of available space.
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