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Thread: PowerNation SEMA 2017 with Factory Five

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    PowerNation SEMA 2017 with Factory Five

    Pat and Mike from PowerNation built our new '35 Pick Up Truck here at Factory Five a few weeks before the SEMA Show, and here they are in the Factory Five booth introducing the car along highlights of Erik Treves' beautiful twin-turbo Type 65 Coupe. You can watch the episode online. It's a 45 minute show, and the Factory Five section is right after Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Rutledge Wood at 14:10 into the show.*Click here to watch the show.

    Mike and Pat give a nice intro to the Factory Five line-up at SEMA and showcase Erik’s twin-turbo Coupe and the new Factory Five ’35 Hot Rod Truck. Click the image above to watch the episode.

    The truck drew a ton of looks and pre-orders are strong with production scheduled to begin in the next 6-10 weeks.

    Above: Factory Five’s Dave Smith. Below: Detail shot of the ’35 Hot Rod Truck interior.

    Pat put his engine expertise to work getting the Stromberg carbs.
    Dave Lindsey
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    Very cool!!

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