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Thread: Coyote exhaust headers that don't hit the stock A/C

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    Coyote exhaust headers that don't hit the stock A/C

    Would love to install under car exhaust. Anybody know of a header that will miss the factory A/C compressor on the PS?
    Trying to avoid having to weld something up......

    Coyote (2012 F150 if that matters for the A/C location - PS and down low on the block)


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    Hi Greg,
    Are you running the exhaust inside the frame rails or under the floorboards?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike forte View Post
    Hi Greg,
    Are you running the exhaust inside the frame rails or under the floorboards?
    Not that far in the thought process yet mike. I had assumed under the floors. Pros/cons?


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    A long time ago there was a thread that showed a guy who did under car exhaust and ran the pipes right through the center of the rear 4" frame rail. It was some very impressive fabrication, but looked like it worked well. I have searched for it, but I can't seem to find it. Perhaps another member will remember the thread and be able to point you in the right direction. It can be done, but space is quite limited, especially after the car is on the ground. I remember that he really had to struggle to find the right headers to allow for it. My memory is that he might have been forced to go with a custom made header, but I read it quite a while ago. Good luck with your search.

    Just found this thread and additional threads. It's old, 2011, but might give you some insight: Look Here.
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