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Thread: Spy shots of a new FFR car???

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    Spy shots of a new FFR car???

    Great show about the new truck.

    At about 2:22 in the show there is a very interesting looking car on the computer screen. Then the engine power guys take a VR tour of it.

    A new FFR car coming down the pipe?


    I know. The title is click bait.
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    A Google search of "Luchini Design", evidently the firm/designer that FFR is working with, led me to their home page and this GTM L1 concept.


    No idea how old that is, but judging by the level of refinement in the form & detailing, it looks like an early concept to me. I doubt it's anything seriously in development since it got so much screen time. It also looks mid engined and I believe the word on the street is the next car will spring off the Gen 3 Type 65 chassis which is a front engine design.

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