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Thread: Power brakes or no power brakes?

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    To everyone following this thread - and just for a good laugh . . .

    My wife once said to me: "Someday you'll have to sell your car and get something more "Old Guy" compatible" (I'm 69 now). I responded: "Honey, when I get too old to steer the car, it'll get power steering. When I get too old to stop the Cobra, it'll get power brakes. And when I get too old to feel comfortable driving it, it'll get A/C, heat, wipers, seats that have adjustable lumbar support and a top so I don't get wet any more in the rain". An a stereo . . . Ha-Ha-Ha!

    Right now I'm enjoying the "raw [street legal] race car" experience . . .

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    Build the best car that you can afford with the options you’ve always wanted and use the opinions of forum members to help make informed decisions

    Sometimes you will make good decisions and sometimes you will make not so good ones that’s why my car will be a work in progress for a while longer while I keep trying to make it better

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    Guess another opinion wonít hurt. Iíve got Wilwoods front and rear. I bought the car assembled so canít be sure but I think Gordon Levy most likely sold them to first builder. Iíve tracked the car enough to tell you that it takes some heat for them to work well. But once up to temp they work just fine. I like that thereís one less component up front too. Oh, and I politely disagree with those who advocate a larger master cylinder bore. You want more hydraulic pressure in your system not less. True, a smaller diameter master cylinder will result in longer pedal travel but your right thigh will thank you for less pedal force.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael everson View Post
    80 plus cars and I try to talk every customer into power brakes.
    Mike, I'm starting a build of the Gen 3 Coupe in a couple of months... (I built a MKIV about 5 years ago). Which brake booster do you recommend?
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    BUILDING WITH MY DAD! - Gen 3 Type 65 Coupe, Gen3 Coyote, TKO 600, IRS, Hydraulic Clutch, PS, Stainless headers, 17" wheels, Race Seats, GPS Gauges Ordered 1-30-2019

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