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Thread: FOR SALE - P-Ayr Products Replica SBF 302 Long Block Engines

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    FOR SALE - P-Ayr Products Replica SBF 302 Long Block Engines

    Up for sale is a P-Ayr Products Replica Long Block Engines 302 from summit racing. The block retails for $354.97. Here is your chance to get the same block for $250.00 (shipping is included in the lower 48). I used the block to mock up my factory five coupe for approximately 1 year and bought it on the forum from another member. These things are great. You can use the long block to mock up a complete engine (intake, headers, front belt systems, etc.) without actually putting in a real engine. These things are strong and super light. I found it invaluable for my build and you will too only cheaper than if you paid new. If you are building a car….this is the only way to go!

    Please send me a PM, if interested or if you have any questions. If you are close by and would like to pick up versus ship, we can talk about a price reduction! Thanks for looking!
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    I'll take it, sent you a PM

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