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Thread: Windshield header hole thread size

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    Windshield header hole thread size

    Anyone know what thread size the holes in the windshield for the sun visors are? I have sun visors, the supplied screws seem to have a larger and/or coarser thread than the holes in the windshield header.

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    There seems to be some variation. For my #8674 build, the FF visors came with 6-32 mounting screws. But they didn't fit the supplied windshield. I found they were M3 metric threads. M3 x 0.5 mm go in perfectly. These from McMaster if you need a source: I didn't find them to be a hardware store item. At least in stainless and with the right style head.

    But be very careful. This is where guys break windshields. You don't want the screws going in any further than the thickness of the frame. There's a gasket in there, but sometimes the raw glass is exposed under the screw holes. Touch the glass, well you know the rest... I used a pin gauge and measured each hole and carefully take a little off the end of each screw so they only go in as far as necessary. Measure and fit each one. Don't assume anything. Just a touch on the sanding disk was about all it took for each. Some take the windshield apart to avoid hitting the glass. That's an option, but it's a bit of a pain IMO and I haven't found it necessary. Just be super careful.
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    M3 sounds about right for what I am looking at on my windshield. Thanks for the help and the heads up on not hitting the glass, I’m aware and was trying to figure out the depth when I determined the threads don’t match.
    I’m on the fence about using them anyway, I’m 6’2 and already looking out the top of the windshield, not sure how much they are going to obstruct the view? I believe when I ordered them it was because they are supposed to cut down wind buffeting? Anyone tall comment on them obstructing view or not? How useful does everyone find them?

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    You may want to check this thread there Jeff describes another solution to mounting the sun visors

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    That’s great thanks Rick.

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    Im also 6'2" and i raised my seats 1" and have no trouble seeing thru the windshield the visors or up most of the time and work.
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    Thanks Walt, time for a hardware store trip to find the right parts for install, kind of like most steps of the build!

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