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Thread: 80 Day Build--In time for the London Cobra Show

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    80 Day Build--In time for the London Cobra Show

    Last week we were contracted to build a Mark IV and our client would like to have it completed by the London Cobra Show (London Ohio--not the UK). The show for those of you who have not attended, typically bring out Cobra enthusiasts from all over the country. In prior years we have seen folks from as far away as Vancouver and WA state. Anyway our build specs are as follows:

    Black Powder coated Chassis
    Silver Artery Powder coated sheet metal
    Power steering
    S550 Mustang based IRS
    Electrically actuated parking brake
    FFR 17 Halibrand style wheels, 9 fronts, 10.5 rear
    Performance summer tires 245/45R17 & 315/35R17
    SN95 Mustang GT 11 twin piston front brakes
    S550 Mustang GT 13 single piston rear brakes
    Black powder coated chassis components
    ECUMaster PMU chassis control
    FC wiring harness
    2015-2017 low mileage (<18K) 435 HP Mustang 5.0 Coyote engine
    ECUMaster EMU Black ECU
    FC Coil driver module
    Moroso oil pan & pickup
    Energy urethane motor mounts
    FC mount kit
    Ford MT82 G2 6 speed manual transmission
    FC MT82 shifter mechanism
    FC transmission mount
    Stainless full headers & stainless-steel side pipes
    Ceramic Coated Side Pipes
    Header wrap
    FC Driveshaft
    Drive modes
    Mode switching
    Adjustable traction control
    Launch control
    Flat foot shifting
    Custom painted engine cover to match body paint
    FC Floor heat, defrost & AC
    Seat heaters
    FFR Roadster seats
    Seat adjusters
    leather steering wheel
    Russ Thompson hub & turn signals
    FC full interior in red and black vinyl and silver painted trim
    FC door panels, handles, Speakers & poppers
    FC dash
    FC center console
    FC rear trim
    Silver trim
    FC carpet set in Dark Read/black
    Waterproof Audio system including Clarion Marine Radio and Kenwood amplifier
    4 door mounted speakers
    Keyless entry and starting
    Thermal/sound insulation
    FC logo gauge package
    FC silver billet bezel for turn & highbeam indicators
    Wilwood pedal box
    Lokar or equivalent accelerator pedal
    4-point seat belts
    Billet, windshield mounted center mirror
    Billet shifter surround
    LED footwell lighting
    Billet cup holders
    FC CaNbuss controls
    Pushbutton starting
    Pushbutton Head light controls
    Pushbutton High beam controls
    Pushbutton Hazard light controls
    Pushbutton parking brake console
    Turn signals on steering column stalk
    Adjustable Drive modes
    Traction Control
    Silver primary paint color with Black stripes and red accent
    Dodge Viper billet silver
    Venom black
    Adrenalin Red
    Blackout paint package with red accents
    Custom Wheel paint with contrasting spinners
    LED lighting package
    LED headlights
    LED running lights
    LED turn signals
    FC billet fender badges
    Engine compartment and trunk lighting
    Wind wings
    Sun visors
    Aluminum side louvers
    Driver side roll bar
    Roll bar grommets
    Stainless steel quick jacks

    We have the FFR complete kit on order +/- and it will be picked up on 5/2/18---52 days prior to delivery. This would probably be and impossible task if we didn't have a little bit of a head start. Last year we purchased a basic Mk IV to use as a development platform for some enhancement products that we have been developing. We are using the body and chassis out of this kit to get a jump on bodywork and paint as well as sheet metal.

    Our goal is to post progress reports daily...forcing us to make progress every day.

    Hope you enjoy the madness as much as we expect to.


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    Senior Member Boydster's Avatar
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    Wow... good luck and I'll be watching this one.
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    Never understood putting ridiculous deadlines on custom projects but, hey, it's his money and project. I'm sure you guys will do great. Sounds like a great build. Look forward to seeing the updates.
    MK IV #8901 - Complete kit, Coyote, TKO-600, IRS. Ordered 5/23/16, Delivered 7/14/16, First Start 8/13/17, First Go-Kart 10/22/17. Build Thread:

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    I don't in any way fault the client for the tight deadline. This deadline is self imposed as much as anything else. I've been in manufacturing for nearly 50 years and I don't see a big difference in building a custom car and manufacturing a washing machine. Efficiency is all about establishing and implementing a manufacturing process. We spent about 5 man weeks late last year creating and documenting a build process. This build is our first test to see if we can pull it off. It is understood that nothing will ever go as originally planned, that doesn't mean it is not possible. We intend to make daily posts of our progress and challenges--my way of holding myself accountable to the process.

    Go ahead....tell me I am nuts. Pretty much everyone I know thinks so. Please chime in with your critiques, criticisms, and suggestions. I have a thick skin and will benefit greatly from the collective wisdom of those who proceeded me.


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    Sounds like fun for all of us here who get to watch! Chris, since you aren't picking up the kit until May 2nd, you'll have plenty of time to join us at Huntington Beach on April 28th.
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    This sounds really cool. I will watch with interest. I hope you post photos. I'm not sure what "flat foot shifting" is...

    And I'm curious, how many people will work on the project?

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    There are a total of 4 people contributing on the project. No one is working on it full time, as our parent company, whom employs us, has other assignments for each of us. Our build plan adds up to about 220 direct labor hours to complete though I believe we will probably run over budget by about 60 hrs. This does not including paint and body which we currently outsource as we don't have the facilities to paint anything larger than a door panel. Two of us aren't doing to much of the direct labor but are working in the background refining design details, sourcing parts and materials, coordinating inventory, etc.

    The plan is to post pictures nearly every day.


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    Senior Member cgundermann's Avatar
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    Looking forward to the pics...
    MK4 Basic Kit #7404, 347 EFI - Pro M Racing ECM, 30# injectors, 70 mm throttle body, 80 mm MAF, Edelbrock Performer aluminum heads & RPM II intake, all new G-Force T5, 3:55 gears, Pro 5.0 shifter, 3-link, carbon fiber dash/custom Speedhut gauges and paint by Da Bat.

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    Not a waxer
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    80 days? Don't let Ron Everett know about this; he'll down a couple of Red Bulls and take it as a personal challenge


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    Senior Member Yama-Bro's Avatar
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    Cool, this will be a fun one to watch.
    Started dreaming of a Cobra around 1987
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kleiner View Post
    80 days? Don't let Ron Everett know about this; he'll down a couple of Red Bulls and take it as a personal challenge


    I not a red bull guy, But yeah, 80 days.... ? I could do that.

    80 days?

    Hold my beer.
    FFinisher/AKA RE63

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    Day 80--

    A little progress yesterday...not much picture worthy...mostly spent ordering components, etc. That being said, here is a bit of eye candy.
    First, the [icture that inspired our color selection.

    We shot some color plaques to share with the client to get final sign off. The intention is that the car will be silver with traditional width black stripes and the space in between the black stripes will be red.

    180405 Color Plaques.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Eaton View Post
    I'm not sure what "flat foot shifting" is...
    Under heavy throttle, it allows you to shift without letting off the gas pedal. If you try this in a normal vehicle, you'll bounce off the rev-limiter. FFS acts as a temporary lower rev limiter to keep the RPM at the ideal place for the next gear. Multiple parameters ensure that this only happens under heavy throttle and while you're moving, so you don't notice it's there until you use it.

    Picture this:
    You're sitting in the driver's seat. Turn traction control "off" and drive mode to "sport". When the light turns green, peg the gas pedal to the floor and drop the clutch. Tire smoke ensues. Make lots of noise at 7000 RPM until you finally gain traction, then jab the clutch and quickly engage second gear, all while your right foot stays glued to the floor. Repeat until you are going too fast, then you can finally let your right foot up.

    And that, sir, is how you drive a rental.

    Oops, I mean a car with Flat Foot Shifting.

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    Day 79

    Made a bit of progress...once again not a lot that is picture worthy. Fitting sheet metal....
    All of the sheet metal should be ready to go to powder coat on Monday.
    Along with the sheet metal and in conjunction with that work stream we started packaging the air box for the HVAC unit.
    We fabricated a laser cut/3D printed panel for the upper trunk area to hold the air box. The triangle in the air box is where we will create all of our ducting/air valves to control Heat (discharges from under the seats), A/C (comes out of the dash), and the defrost (ducted to the windshield).

    180406 HVAC 1.jpg
    180406 HVAC 2.jpg

    More later today

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