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Thread: Placement of charcoal filter

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    Placement of charcoal filter

    Don't see any reference to the proper placement of the charcoal filter that I received for my roadster build with a coyote engine.
    Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Here's a general system schematic. The physical location doesn't matter too much. The purpose is to capture the hydrocarbon vapors coming from the fuel tank and then to burn them when the engine is running.

    EVAP Schematic.jpg

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    If you're using the crate motor controls pack for your Coyote, the purge valve isn't active. So really no chance to plumb it like the diagram and how it's used in production cars. Best bet is to mount it back toward the tank, with the vent from the tank on the inlet and then open to atmosphere on the other side. Had a similar setup on my Mk3 with an OE charcoal filter like that one.
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    As stated previously, install the charcoal canister close to the fuel tank and plumb the vent from the tank to the canister. Then leave the other side of the canister open to atmosphere. As for the purge valve, I removed it and the PCV hoses from my Coyote. Installed a couple of K&N filters on the PCV connections on the front of each cylinder head. It helped to de-clutter the engine bay.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    had one on my street rod and it worked great, tyrapped it to the top of the gas tank with the hose venting up as high as I could get it.

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