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Thread: Wanting to build -garage space?

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    Wanting to build -garage space?

    Have been wanting to build forever and am getting to a point in life and $$$ that I can do it. Question that I have not seen addressed is garage space. Do you need 2 bays to work out of? Obviously the more space the better but my wife is going to have a very hard time parking in the rain so I can "play with my toys". Any creative ideas (pics much appreciated) for saving room? Can the body be hung from ceiling joists?

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    Lots of guys, including me, have built them in a single bay. More is always better of course. But it can be done. Yes, the body can be hung. Lots of guys have done that too. Kind of depends how much height you have in your garage. Another option is a raised body buck. I've done that a couple times as well. Rolls out of the way pretty easily. Don't try working under unless you like bumping your head. Ask me how I know.

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    Plan for a lift, you will love it. Make sure they pour the cement deep enough to anchor it properly. Also, plan for a place for your air compressor so you don't have to listen to the racket every time it goes on.
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    I built mine in a 10x18 single car garage with no issues. I stored the body in my backyard (uncovered) and built some shelves specific to the size of most of the boxes from FFR. The larger parts I stored in my attic until they were needed. I also ordered my engine and trans just before I needed it so it wouldn’t be taking up space for long before it was dropped in.
    It really wasn’t cumbersome at all, so definitely don’t let that hold you back from doing this.
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    I've got a single bay shop plus extra room on each side.
    While it has worked, a larger shop would have made things a lot better.

    Also, consider getting a lift if you can spare a few extra dollars.
    Just ask EdwardB and he'll give you some great options.

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    My garage/shop got nicknamed the "40 Watt Garage" about 15 years ago by a dear friend of mine. He kept asking me "How can you build such cool stuff with a friggin' 40-watt droplight!"... the name stuck.
    I'm lucky to have a detached oversize 2-car garage, about 30x30, with 10' ceilings, and an 8' door... but when we moved in it was truly a CAVE. It had lousy lighting (literally a couple of fixtures with 40 watt bulbs), 3 duplex outlets, unpainted walls & ceiling, and a floor that was horrible (not cracked, but spalled and rough).

    3 years ago one of the 5/8" 4x8 sheets of the ceiling decided to pop loose overnight. It was hanging by TWO screws over the roof of my wife's car. That's all it took for some funds to "magically" appear to do some upgrades! I spent several weeks and about 2 thousand bucks and remodeled.

    Some Tips:
    - If you don't have one already, consider a "yard barn" or little storage building - get the bicycles & yard crap out of the garage!
    - Utilize the walls and attic as much as possible, and get organized. Have a place for everything, and put it back when done using it.
    - Upgrade the lighting. Not being able to see is a huge problem and dangerous.
    - Ventilation. Install a ceiling fan, and get screens for the windows. Make the place comfortable to work.
    - Paint. Paint the walls & ceiling a bright white gloss or light gray. It'll really help with lighting too.
    - Get your wife involved... I showed her the plans/website for "RaceDeck" floors, and she took over. Designed the layout, and installed about 90% of it!
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    I built mine in a one car garage. With all my tools, workbench, compressor, tool chests etc. it was easily accomplished. A little creatively with space usage and staying organized is the key in a small workspace.

    ditto on the lift. If you have space for one, build it into your budget. If I were to do it again (and I just might), a lift would be a "must have".


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    I live in the Northeast, so in order to be able to work on the car year round. I put in a ductless mini split system in my detached 1 1/2 car garage that gives me heating in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer. One of my most productive days was in the middle of a raging snowstorm.
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    Thanks guys - My options are opening. I am thinking of hanging the body and I should have plenty of room after that. I actually have a 3 car garage - 1 bay is woodshop / home repair (body from ceilling) , one is my wife's and the other will be my MK4 build with my jeep outside. I've been looking forward tot this since I was a teeneger.......

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    If you build a chassis dolly for the initial stages of the build and then invest in some "skates" once you have a roller, it will help a lot. Even now with my car in a drivable state, I use the skates. It makes it super easy to move the car around when you need to. Just be careful on expansion joints or transitions.

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    With a 3-bay garage you've got it licked. Just remember this... HWHL, HWHL, repeat. (Happy Wife Happy Life).

    Tuck the wife's daily over on one end or the other, and invade the woodshop/etc. and the middle bay with the roadster build.
    John D. - Minneapolis 'Burbs

    1965 El Camino - LT-1, 4L60e, 4wh discs, SC&C susp.
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    Build a chassis dolly. Hang the body. In my smallish two car garage I built my roadster and my wife was still able to park in the garage. Part of the deal.

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    Couldn't agree more with Fixit. HWHL, HWHL...
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    Thank you all and of course HWHL is the only way - she's got to have here spot. CDXXVII - that is exactly the pic I was looking for to help get my mental gears turning. Damn, my blood is boiling. Donor or complete? Leaning towards donor to save $$$ for upgrades. Best ideas for cleaninga donor rear end to make it shine?

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