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Thread: 2 issues: E Brake & Peddle box

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    2 issues: E Brake & Peddle box

    1) Can someone please send a pic to show how the E Brake cable connects to the caliper.

    2) I'm totally confused about the peddle. When I push down on the brake pedal the two cylinders move at different rate. I've read about some adjustments but am not understanding them. The pic enclosed is just the pedal box at rest.

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    If you have the wilwood master cylinders, there are a couple of things going on. First they are different bore sizes so that has some effect on how quickly they build pressure in relation to how far they move, if all else is equal. Second is the balance bar. Look up wilwood balance bar and look at the photos of the pivoting bearing and how it can be moved from side to side in the pedal bore. That will give you a good idea on how it all works.
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