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Thread: Shout out to the Travleing Builder

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    Shout out to the Travleing Builder

    When I purchased my MK4 I knew the electrical would be difficult. For me trying to put together an old 97 mustang cobra electrical harness, Ron Francis harness, and the Russ Thompson turn signals turned out to be way to much for me. I learned about the Traveling Builder from this website. The day before Mark Dougherty was suppose to show up his wife Wanda called to let me know Mark was ill and would I mind if his son Matthew came instead? With a little reservation I said sure as Wanda assured me he was more than capable. Turns out Matthew was fantastic! Slowly and meticulously he turned my web of wires into a working car. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs some help in their build.


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    Nuts don't fall far from the tree.LOL Mark is ace's and his boy's have no problem pushing the envelope. Well done Matty.

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    thanks Craig
    glad it all worked well.
    he enjoyed his time with you.
    The traveling Builder

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    Way to go, Matt! Keeping up the family reputation!

    I sure miss my coupe!

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