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Thread: GTM build space considerations

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    GTM build space considerations

    Hi y'all, Dave here this is my first post. I've convinced myself after much thought and research that the GTM build is for me. I'm looking to buy a new home, one with a garage (yay!!). Any advice about space requirements and how it should be setup before getting started in the kit? How is this thing shopped (how big)- will the container even fit on my property? Would having a crane help? I'm from Canada so a Canadian perspective would be great too. Thanks!!

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    The car is shipped as a chassis with a body on it and a bunch of boxes. You can build this in a two car garage, and I have even seen people do it with a one car garage with shelving and making a lift to hang the body from the ceiling. That said, if you have a two car garage, it will take all the space, and bigger is always better. The delivery truck has a built in crane that puts the chassis on a dolly that you then roll wherever you need the car to end up...assuming you have concrete or asphalt along the entire path. If you don't then a fork lift would probably work better and you would need to provide that.

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    I am personally using all available space in my 2 car garage, but I have a bunch of other stuff in there for my fishing hobby (addiction ) as well. Not to mention I have a bunch of the boxes in my house that the wife is about to kill me over LOL. Like Crash mentioned, if you had the proper shelving to hold the parts and boxes, a 2 car garage is nice. I put my frame on furniture dollies so I can move it left and right depending what side of the car I am working on.

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    I bought a single pole car lift that functions on a hydraulic pallet roller type base. It has been great for putting the car at the correct height to save my back and work underneath. You can roll the car around when its up on the lift to position it where you want. If you get one be sure to get a low profile lift to fit under the low body of the GTM. They cost around $1600 as I recall.

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